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Hi Everyone,

I just got off of a website of a Dr. D. H. Huddleston and was a little disheartened to see the options an arthritis sufferer has for treating their knee pain without surgery.

The Hip & Knee Institute

No where did it mention how a person could actually improve their knee pain except for drugs or painkiller shots to numb the pain in the knee without surgery.  Dr. Huddleston is pretty much just offering damage control for a person suffering with arthritis.

There are universal principles that shine through no matter what we are talking about in this world.

So a real world analogy to what is suggested in this website would be the same as if the “check oil” light came on in our car and we just ignored it.  To emphasize this a little more, it would be as if the “check oil” light came on in our car and we unplugged the fuse so we wouldn’t have to look at the light being on.

The very same is the case when we ignore pain we have in our bodies.  The pain we are experiencing is our own “check oil” light that is going off.  Now we can unplug the fuse by using some sort of pain killer however the issue still remains that something is going on in the knee be it arthritis or something else.

Now don’t get me wrong drugs and painkillers have there time and place however, how long did the knee pain sufferer ignore what was going on in their body until it was too late?

So now back to our example.  What happens when we ignore the check oil light and our car has no more oil?  We burn up the engine of course!  The same thing begins to happen in our bodies when we ignore our “check oil” light.  Something bigger and more costly ends up breaking.  In the case of our bodies it is the compensation the rest of the body undergoes experiencing the knee pain for an extended period of time.

Our nervous system ends up being on full alert for the duration and chances are we will experience one or a number of the following:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • High heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Back Pain
  • etc.

All because we have chosen to ignore the pain that is going on in the knee…

I personally chose to look at what was going on with my knee pain and do what I could to prevent future knee pain.

There are so many alternative options out there that will make your head spin. From diet, water, & exercise to body work and seeing that taking responsibility for your knee pain allows for you to get past it.

I am sure there are at least a couple of people out there who have an opinion regarding this topic.

So please leave your comments below

Best regards,


(The Knee Pain Guru)

P.S. – Of course if you have any questions for me specifically, you can send them to Bill@TheKneePainGuru.com

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My back started to hurt first then later my knees are giving me a lot of pain in walking and even carrying things so now I have so much pain I cant sleep or rest I loose the feeling in my feet

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