3 Knee Surgeries – 51 y/o Master’s Track Athlete (Rick Pruett)

After 3 knee surgeries (2 ACL & 1 meniscus) 51 y/o competitive boxer, Nationally ranked Giant slalom skiier, and college football athlete Rick Pruett had to find a better way to heal his knee pain. Rick sufferes from numerous injuries including 2 ACL reconstructions on his right knee and a meniscus surgery on his left. He traveled the world surfing and competed in track and field winning 6 USA Masters ALL American awards in the long jump.

The other week Rick reached out to me after some great results working with my program. After a short conversation we thought it would be a great idea to have a call so you could listen in on how I work closely with clients to succeed in eliminating their knee pain.

This is a PERFECT opportunity to see how working with my program can get you the results you’re looking for to eliminate your knee pain!

Here are the links to further information I spoke about in the interview:

“The Comfort Zone” – 11 Unconventional Stretches to Eliminate Your Knee Pain

– Dr. Frank Charles’s Comprehensive Supplement Guide to Knee Pain Healing & Elimination

The Knees For Life Inner Circle which includes The Virtual Knee Pain Clinic, Private Facebook Page and 2 Google Hangouts per month and the opportunity to work with me One-on-One

– Here’s a link to the PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) on Dr. Charles’ site

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thats a dam lie if u had in before the 80 maybe im 52 female had one at 16 and one at 21 7 hr and 4 hrs please that bullshit and i never return due to the mental abuse i went though no one at that age could ever play again.. so stop lying tell the truth my story is waiting

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