20 Questions for your knees…NOT 21

When your mind looks at dealing with knee pain…

it lumps it all into one big jumbled mess in your head…

Believe me…I went through this very same thing!

Questions swirled in my head.

Do I push my knee today?
If I push my knee, for how long? 10-15 minutes? 
Is a couple of hours ok? 
Can I go on that walk? 
Until it hurts?

Do I rest my knee today?
If I rest my knee, for how long? Just today?, a couple of days? Weeks?

Why does my knee still hurt weeks later?
Is it time to push it yet?

Will my knees be ready by the time I go on my trip?
Will my knees be ready for Judo next Monday?

Why does my knees still hurt?
Why does my knee still wake me up at night?

Should I go to more physical therapy?
Even if my knee still hurts afterwards?

Should I go see my doctor again?
I wonder if there’s still something wrong?

And the questions went on and on for me…

They never stopped tormenting me every waking moment.

Every knee pain sufferer person I speak with has these same questions swirling in their head.

It’s normal and natural as that’s how all of our brains are wired.

It wants to look for a solution to the threat (your knee pain)

What if a plan was all laid out for you?

Taking all the guess work out?

With ongoing support?

How much mental freedom would you have being able to let go of the fear of being in pain?

That’s what “Knee Club” is for…

Click below the link below to learn more about “Knee Club”


Our next call is this Thursday March 30th

Sign up now and receive your “Quick Start Guide” to begin getting relief in your knees Today!

We’ll make adjustments on Thursday.  

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”  

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