The Science of Sequencing Knee Pain

Understanding the science of sequencing knee pain is essential to learning how to reduce the most amount of knee pain naturally using the least effort. Many suffering from acute or chronic knee pain isn’t even aware these steps exist. As a result, they end up never quite able to fully relieve their knee pain or regain full range of motion in their knee joint.

A Little History of Sequencing

I discovered this approach taking a class from Dr. Charlie Beck titled, “Sequencing”

Let’s first look at the definition of sequencing which is “an order of succession, an arrangement”

In essence, this concept is approaching the body with the intent to discover where the area of most restriction is held, and by releasing the tension in that area first, we can release the most tension in the body in the shortest period of time.

It is essentially using the Pareto Principle – the “80/20 Principle” to affect the most change the quickest.

Switching the Focus From Restriction to Pain

From the “Knee Club” perspective we are switching our focus from the area in the body of most restriction to the area of the knee in the most pain.

As a result, you experience more relief in the shortest amount of time.

First of all, being an objective observer of our knee pain is the most difficult part of the process because the pain tends to draw us in emotionally and confuse our judgment in the process causing us to make poor decisions as to what is best for the knee to relieve the pain.

However, when we are understanding the science of sequencing knee pain we are looking to be a “3rd Party Objective Observer” of the experience of pain in the knee to zero in on three areas.

The Science of Sequencing Knee Pain

The 3 Areas of the Knee Pain to Focus on…

1.) Where the knee hurts the most

2.) Where the knee hurts the second-most

3.) Where the knee hurts the third-most

Side Note: I know this may sound incredibly simple and mundane which is exactly why so many people continue to suffer from knee pain. These are crucial steps that must be realized in the beginning otherwise we’ll find ourselves in panic doing the very things that will make knee pain worse. (See my last article: “Panic at the Knee Joint”)

More Relief in Less Time

The amazing part of understanding the science of sequencing knee pain is once you learn this process, you’ll never look at pain in your body the same way again. Even after only a few times of practicing these three steps, you’ll be able to immediately zero in on what’s going to relieve your knee pain the quickest in the shortest period of time.

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Bill Parravano
(The Knee Pain Guru)

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