TKR, Scar Tissue, Pain Management, ACL Surgery, Knee Rehab Programs

TKR, Scar Tissue, Pain Management, ACL Surgery, Knee Rehab Programs. Today I take on a rapid-fire list of questions on TKR Total Knee Replacement, Pain Management, ACL Surgery and Knee Rehab program…

Here are the questions answered today:

Yvonne Ray

Hi Bill, ive had a total knee replacement and I’ve been told by my consultant that you cannot stretch scar tissue after 12 months as it goes like concrete. I would be interested in what your view is on this.

Dezy Princess

18 hours ago 4 subscribers I went to pain management for 2 years because the pain on my knee was an excruciating pain come to find out that after I had gel injected in my knee. I decided to go to an orthopedic doctor who told me that my problem was not my knee it was my hip. So I got a cat scan and it revealed that my hip was collapsed against my pelvic and I ended getting a hip replacement. So no more knee pain. I like your channel.

sai prasad

Sir I had done my ACL surgery15 months ago ,now iam 20 years old. Still iam not comfortable to run or to play my leg was so weak and become thin.. please suggest any rehab program..

TourayPlays –

FkRz Touray I twisted my knee while playing football(soccer), now I cant straighten it. nabin ghimire Can i still run with a small crack in my cartilage. Will it heal it self? JB GTO SO WHATS THE DAMN STRETCH?? ARE YOU GOING TO TELL US OR IS IT ABOUT MONEY???

Nicole Lowery

I’m at my wit’s end and I’ve just stumbled upon you and you have given me the first hope in 6 months. I’ve seen a knee doctor,I work for an orthopedic for over 14 years. I’ve had an MRI, nothing torn, broken. A small baker’s cyst,a small popliteal cyst,but told not big enough to be the problem. If totally feels like nerve pain. It’s on the medial side of my right knee. It constantly burns,like sweat bees are under my skin. It goes from a 4 to an 8 all the time. Help me!

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