The Scoop on Scar Tissue

Do you have scar tissue in your knee? Have you been told you develop scar tissue easily? Does this scar tissue limit your range of motion causing you to limp?


LEARNING how to increase range of motion in your knee is easier and less painful than you ever thought possible!

Here’s an interesting concept about scar tissue that most people, including doctors and physical therapists, don’t know about.

Why does scar tissue form?

Scar tissue is formed by the body as a way to protect the knee from certain movements after an accident, injury, surgery, and/or trauma.

Think of scar tissue like your body’s naturally forming band-aid”…

It’s absolutely amazing to think the body has an automatic mechanism like this kicking in without you giving it a second thought. 

The Problem with Buildup:

The challenge with this automatic mechanism of scar tissue formation in your body begins to limit your knee’s range of motion giving pain as a signal when you’re getting close to where the body doesn’t feel safe to move.

You feel pain or stiffness just like you’re hitting a wall that your knee doesn’t want to go past.

“Use it or lose you hear the doctor and physical therapists,” tell you…

The problem with pushing through this place in your knee is it leaves you in pain for days afterward promoting the development of more scar tissue.

Think of it like painting yourself in a corner. The more pain you feel, the more scar tissue that forms limiting the range of motion in your knee as the days go by.

It’s a pretty grim picture leaving people limping throughout their day wearing away their knee joint longing for the life the used to have.

Your Solution From a Crippled Future:

The key to escaping this dreaded outcome happens when we start creating comfort in the knee.

You see, comfort immediately allows the knee to feel safe, supported and listened to. 

Comfort allows the joint to begin expanding the range of motion to happen easier and without pain.

Comfort Begets comfort:

The more comfort your knee feels the easier it is for the knee to move allowing the breakdown of more scar tissue.

This is a place your knee will never be able to get to by “pushing through the pain.”

If you’re ready for more pain relief, in less time with less effort…

Then click the link below to get into “The Comfort Zone.”

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “When you tried everything else and nothing worked for your knees…” 

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  1. I have little or no range in my left knee I am a heavy set person but I want more tsngr in my knee to help me exercise more . where do I start

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