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Knee Pain Case Studies

Knee Pain Case Study w/ Zach…Another Knee Success Story!

Zach is out of knee pain…

That is correct! After only 3 weeks and 4 sessions he says he doesn’t even think about his knee anymore! This news is very exciting and brings lots of hope for lots of knee pain sufferers. You see Zach has had 4 knee surgeries over the past 4 years…

If Zach has been able to get out of knee pain then just about anyone should be able to too!

Chronic Knee Pain

Case Study With Leo In L.A.

This was an impromptu video that was filmed during a business conference I recently attended in Los Angeles a week ago. I met Leo and he told me he was having trouble with his right knee. It started bothering him after walking one day to which then I suggested that I take a look at it and see what I could help with…

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