Knee cap pain, Russian Bots, & Pushing thru Knee Pain

Knee cap pain, Russian bots, and pushing through the pain. None of them are good. Today I’ll cover lots of questions on all of these subjects…

Here are the questions answered today:

SouthEast Wink 202

Thanks Bill for responding with clarity to my comment…….I should have ask can I get rid of this issue.I operate a heavy duty 40k lb lift truck at work,and boy it puts something on my knees….my right knee hurts while trying to walk up stairs,feels like it wants to buckle lol

Bonnie InTheSpirit

You have great Info!! Keep sharing . I’ve had to learn how to : for my healing . Knees are the last of the repair ! I’m pushing thru all the damages. Before this fall: I had just increase my exercise program I just worked up to 180 lbs. leg presses!!!! Was so excited !! And the other work outs was so great ! I was in great shape n excellent health. As to day I push thou the weakness to get better ! I heard some reply ! I redid my exercise this am for T1 band on each side ! ( for my leg / knee strengthening )

Singer Swapnil Trivedi

Plz guide me Bill..I have a condition called Chondromalacia patelle … Can I recover.. how without surgery or injecting

@Momo Momo

HEY I AM 16 . and i have knee pain when i try to get my leg up when am laying and i cannot get my leg up can you pls know what i have and is it a serious injery

@M Kevin

I am 16, and I feel my knee crunching and I feel it vibrate so hard every time I fold it, I am sure my cartilage is damaged or broken, how do I fix them? 😢, Can I get them normal at home?

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