Fasting to Heal Knee Pain & Knee Damage

Fasting to Heal Knee Pain & Knee Damage is an approach some people take to relieve knee pain. Is that the entire story though. Let’s look at the bigger picture going on resulting in knee pain and knee damage.

In today’s LIVE video presentation, we’ll cover everything that needs to be considered when healing knee pain and getting the knee joint to recover from damage.

Try it out and let me know in the comments section what you notice…

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I have been fasting 24 to 72 hrs per week depending on how I feel. I was a 72 hrs rigorous faster for 5 yrs Sunday night to Wednesday night. I also walk 15k steps per day. I found that 48 hrs was the right amount for most weeks. I feel what my body wants and it wants to fast. I am dealing w/ waking up w knee pain for the first time in 20 yrs. I find the pain disappears during and immediately after fast then returns just before my next fast. Hoping it just repairs and goes away.… Read more »

Julie Rechtin

Hi & thanks for the information. Could I drink keto coffee on an extended fast & still help heal my torn left knee meniscus?

Customer Service

Hi Julie,

Please try that out and let us know how that goes. Input from members like you help us to know what works best to relieve knee pain.



Keto coffee would be considered “dirty fasting” since your body is receiving “food” from the keto coffee. The whole point of fasting is to give your body a break from food. Even a 16 hour fast with an 8 hour eating window allows your body time to “clean up” it’s problems. However when you keep sending food (ie keto coffee) down the chute, your body has to keep dealing with the food, and can’t get to the “clean up” work it needs to do. Black coffee would be fine b/c it doesn’t contain any food / nutrients Additionally anything that… Read more »

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