Arthroscopic Knee Surgery w/Debridement & Knee Pain in the Butt #KneeClub

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery w/Debridement & Knee Pain in the Butt.

This is what happens when knee surgeries don’t work and when you’re at a loss as to how to relieve knee pain and increase the range of motion in the knee.

Here are the questions answered today:

Dairius Fairchild

I recently had arthroscopic with debridement surgery at the end of September hurt it at the beginning of August.

Four weeks With therapy it still will not straighten, can’t bend it fully, gives out with full weight, and locks at 30 degrees.

Went back to see surgeon he stated it was all my head and maybe a nerve medication will work along with 8 more weeks of therapy. I am at a loss.


I’ve created comfort but it took my left butt cheek like all the muscle I lost, sleeping on the side because when I try to elevate it directly in front of me on pillows the pain is too much because the knee is stuck in one spot

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