ACL Reconstruction, Meniscus Repair Surgery & Baker’s Cysts #KneeClub

ACL Reconstruction, Meniscus Repair Surgery & Baker’s Cysts all present their unique challenges in rehab.

What’s most important is to look at how to setup the conditions in the body so it is able to heal itself most quickly and efficiently as structure governs function.

In this presentation, we will cover a deeper understanding of what is required in the body to heal the knee after knee surgery…

Here are the knee pain questions answered today:

Miss Kam

Hey💕 my name is Kameron. I know you probably answer this question all the time but i recently had acl reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery 10/9 its 11/11 and i don’t think im making the progress i should. I hate going to the physical therapist because she literally has been forcing motion on my knee since i started seeing her.. so yes my tension is at a all time high when working on bending and recovering. I like using the resistance bands but it’s becoming so discouraging seeing recovery stories of people flexing 90 degrees after the first week im almost in tears 😭.. please help what do it do!?

Bill Oxford

What are your qualifications? PT? Chiro? MD? Nothing? Some guy selling quack pain programs online?


Hello, I am searching for the right path to take in regards to my left knee. MRI findings: Complex Tear of Meniscus. Mild arthritic changes. Large leaking Baker’s Cyst. I have seen Orthopedic surgeon and rheumatologist. Arthroscopic vs. Total Knee Replacement. Drain Baker’s Cyst with Depo injection, ECT….I can’t walk down stairs, so difficult to bend and some swelling. Is surgery imminent as the meniscus won’t heal because of no blood supply to that area? I am a 63 year old female and was an avid walker most of my life. I believe my meniscus was torn when my dog turned to chase a cat. (I was walking her and fell). Thank you!

Kuba Cioczek

I would appreciate any suggestion for my rehabilitation after the knee arthroscopy. I am 10 days after the meniscus tear op, and the knee heels well but on top of that I had and still have a baker’s cyst. The swelling from the knee has almost gone but the cyst swelling comes and goes in waves. One day can be almost perfectly fine, swelling approx. 10% the other day 100%, causing trouble walking/ extending the leg. I did try applying cold, foam roll, knee sleeve, all to various effect, always ending up in the same place. Is there something that I can do to work on my problem?

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