Do You Create Your Own Knee Pain?

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Last week I was having a session with Nigel which by the way turned out great.  However, while we were working together Nigel kept telling me how “bad his knees are” and how they “always feel bad.”  So I began to think about this a little bit and ended up posing the question to him about his belief in him creating his own reality.

You see I believe you have an amazing ability to create anything in your life, both good and bad.  I believe you attract things into your live based on the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the actions you do.

For more information see:

The Secret and What the Bleep

waterIn addition to these concepts and ideas in the movie “The Secret” and “What The Bleep” you are also made up of about 80% water which is by the way quite a significant amount.  You also need to take into consideration the work of a Japanese Doctor, Masura Emoto and what he found out about water.

Messages From Water

You can begin to get quite a different picture about health in your body.  You can see how in order to speak you have to make a sound (create a frequency) that has a vibrational effect on the water in your body.  Similar to that of a tuning fork when struck and causes ripples in a glass of water.

So I believe when you begin to speak negatively about your knee/knee pain and how it “always” feels or how it will “never” get better or how “bad” your knees are, just like Nigel was talking about.  You are helping to create or perpetuate the very situation that you say you are trying to overcome.

You in essence are getting in the way of your own healing and keeping yourself in a perpetual state of pain.

I believe the body knows how to heal itself.  It just needs the opportunity to do so.

A real simple yet not so easy thing to do would be to pay more attention to the words you are saying about yourself.  You may be surprised with what you hear!

See how by beginning to change your words you can begin to change your life…

I am really interested to hear your thoughts on this one.

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9 comments on “Do You Create Your Own Knee Pain?

  1. You are so right about thoughts creating pain. I have just had some xrays taken of my knees which show severe degeneration. Ever since the doctor told me I am experiencing more pain.

  2. Positive mental attitude towards pain is important toward over coming it. Setting up the conditions of hydration and nutrition are key but once I do all of that how do I convince the “lizard brain” that there is not a deep ache in my knees every time I squat?
    Any advice/ mental exercises that could help toward this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ben – You are bringing up a great point! Your positive mental attitude can only get you so far…I believe it’s important to make that connection of comfort in your body (namely your knee) so your brain can get it. Without that connection it can be very difficult or nearly impossible to bridge that gap…I use the “Passive Stretching” in the “Stretching Lounge” of my Virtual Knee Clinic to accomplish this to great success…Keep me posted how it goes after you try it out…Bill

  3. Love this post. If you want to take this notion one step further, then check out the work of Dr John Sarno. He details how the mind will literally create pain in the body as a way to distract yourself from something you don’t want to think about.

    Just reading his book “Healing Back Pain” took ALL my back pain away in a matter of days, and I had been told by a chiropractor that I needed surgery. Check out what John Stossel and Howard Stern say about him. I firmly believe that John Sarno will be considered a medical revolutionary and giant a hundred years from now. Even though he offers precise physiological details as to HOW one’s body will create this pain, it’s still considered too “whack” for mainstream medicine. He’s ahead of his time if you ask me.

    Anyway, your post speaks to some of these issues, too. LOVED “What the Bleep.” Just amazing what we are finding out in the field of quantum physics.

    One final point . . . I think it’s important to remember that even though we might be responsible for our pain, and maybe even caused it, that doesn’t mean we should blame our selves or get into a process of getting down on ourselves for doing that. That actually feeds into the cycle.

  4. It is always good to be around people who have this attitude. There is so much negative floating around. I would also like to add that your mind can contribute to proper functioning of your knee joints just by understanding how the knees work. In the Franklin method Eric Franklin teaches functional anatomy with imagery and positive thoughts. I have found it facinating that even though I had anatomy classes with cadavers I never understood the bone rhythms of the body. Rarely even if you are a physical therapist are we taught how the body really dynamically aligns. The mind is a powerful tool We can use it to better understand how our bodies are supposed to move! Remember the addage garbage in garbage out.

  5. Bill, I totally agree with your remarks above. I have two thoughts: (1) The shift needs to be at a feeling or heart level, not just a cognitive level. It may be that you work on thinking positively, but that there is a part of you that (for whatever complex or simple reasons) is not on board with those thoughts. It’s important to find out about that part, and work with it until you find waht is getting in the way of an authentic “yes” to your desires/changed beliefs. (2) it sometimes happens that from the point of view of thinking, one begins to “self-blame” and become self-critical about the pain (“now it’s all my fault!). Paying attention to negative thoughts in a non-judging way and finding some distance between oneself and them is very helpful–with an attitude of deep acceptance of self.

  6. To continue with what I said yesterday–the shift in fact needs to be in the body, not just the mind. The feeling or heart level is also the level of the body.

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