Holistic Treatment for Baker’s Cysts

If you have a Baker’s Cyst, you may not know how or why it decided to present itself in your body. The answer is that there could be a whole host of reasons.

Basically, Baker’s Cysts are the result of anything that causes joint swelling, whether that is arthritis, a torn meniscus, or an alignment issue with your femur. This swelling in the joint actually blocks the lymphatic system from cleansing the area like it normally does… this lymph blockage creates a pocket of fluid that turns into a cyst, usually in the back of your knee.

A Baker’s Cyst, if left untreated, can become hard over time and could potentially rupture, turning your cyst into a far more complicated situation.

The conventional medical approach for treating a Baker’s Cyst is to have it drained or removed. This may be the best option if you have had the cyst for a substantial amount of time or if it has turned hard.

A lot of the time, however, the cyst can be addressed without surgery or drainage. If the cyst has presented itself due to an alignment pattern in the knee, then the cyst can be treated holistically.

How the joint lines up with the femur can be the result of a lingering tension pattern from a past injury. If you fix the tension pattern by allowing your knee to be comfortable and create space in the knee joint, the alignment problem and the cyst can be treated at once.

It is possible to avoid unnecessary surgery and pain if you take action early. Not only will you be able to resolve the cyst, you will be able to relieve the tension pattern in your knee that created the cyst in the first place.

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  1. Bill,

    Like always, you are a wealth of information, I appreciate your consistent approach in educating the public pertaining to the anatomy of knee and their ailments. Thanks again.

    Edgar Santiago

      • What about my knees? I work in health care and mine swell so bad, make a awful grind noise when extended and I have bakers cyst in both for 7 years now. Have not had anything done since 7 years ago which was injections of steriods. It did help for awhile. I bought special shoe soles for my feet, and I work out 3-4 days a week. I want a natural approach since swelling and pain are worst now. I am only 31 years old with history of thyroid disease in which I had removed.

  2. We missed the opportunity to talk to you over the phone last month, as offered. We are a family with joints pains, especially the knees : pain from baker’s cyst, boneon bone, and the usual overall knee pain. Could you please recommend what treatments we need and where to get them. With many thanks,


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  4. A few months ago my Bakers cyst recurred, resulting in a very swollen and painful knee. I had two sessions with a doctor specialized in physical therapy, and she used some type of electro therapy device that applied slight shocks to the cyst area over about 45 minutes. The swelling went down very rapidly and now there is none. However I know this is not a cure for the cyst. I suppose I can expect it to recur again someday.

  5. My wife has Baker’s cysts behind both of her knees. She has gained a lot of weight recently and complains that her knees hurt and it feels like her patella is moving or shifting. Would you recommend draining and then the comfort program?

    • Britt – We are definitely on the same page! Although beginning to work with that program initially would not hurt and as a matter of fact might help those Baker’s cysts feel better before getting those drained. Let me know how it goes…Bill

  6. I have a baker’s cyst behind both knees. They’ve come and go over the past year but never bothered me. Over the last month though they’ve reappeared and are hard and stiff. I think I may need them removed. what kind of a doctor does this procedure, and is it something simple? Thanks. I think you said when they get hard, they should be removed??

    • Hi Susie,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! to better assist you with your questions, I have contacted you directly at the email provided. Again, thank you for reaching out to us and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi |Customer Service

  7. I have had issues with my right knee for about 6 months now. I’ve had x-rays on both and MRIs on both. Physical therapy and chiropractic have helped minimally. Please help.

    • Hi Mona!

      Thank you for reaching out to us! I have contacted you directly via email to better assist you with your questions and concerns.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi |Customer Support

  8. I had my meniscus repaired. It was also reported that I have some arthritis in the knee. I have had the baker cyst in the same knee drained twice. It gives me relief for a month but then comes back. It becomes painful after a while. I can’t afford to keep getting it drained. Am I to understand that it will keep coming back because of the arthritis? Is there anything I can do about my cyst?

  9. Hi, I was wondering if you can assist. Last year (02/2013) I had knee surgery for 2 tears in my miniscus on the right knee. the pain went away pretty fast, although I kept hearing loud pops on my knee. This past christmas holiday I was doing some dancing games on the Wii and the pain came back. I rested the knee and applied heat and the pain went away. Recently (6-7 weeks) I started walking around a high school track to start an exercise routine. No running. The pain has come back extremely stron and I cannot put any pressue. I have a very large lump in the front of my right knee and if I touch it or push it it does not hurt. Standing up or walking or keeping my knee straight hurts. The pain at times feels like I have a needle going through my knee. If I bend the knee the pain goes away. If I apply ice pads I start to get muscle spasms and it hurts more. Heat help for a short while. What do you suggest or think it may be?

    • Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.


      Kind regards,

      Mimi | Customer Service

  10. Hi Bill,
    I have a bakers cyst on my left knee. It been there about 3yrs or more and its still soft. It very irritable.
    Pls help, thanks


    • Hi Julia,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Say No to Knee Replacement is a great program for Bakers cyst. Say No To Knee Pain Replacement will help you completely eliminate your knee pain. It is the distillation of the past 15 years of study and working with clients of the most effective holistic approach to eliminating chronic knee pain and setting up the conditions so your body can heal your knees. Chronic knee pain is a slippery slope to an eventual knee replacement surgery down the road. It is a self-paced program that you evaluate your pain level each day with and then work with the corresponding modules at that pain level. The premise is what we focus on expands and Say No To Knee Replacement focuses on creating comfort in the knees and the body so that becomes the new reality for your life allowing your body to express itself fully.


      Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance at customerservice@thekneepainguru.com

      Kind Regards,

      Customer Support

  11. Hi,

    I’m not sure if I have a bakers cysts because its described as a cysts behind the knee. However, I do have fluid on the knee my left is worse than the right but I do have a small pocket above my left kneecap on the front. I have fluid and it seems to recently have moved down my left calf, this problem has come and go over the years, I used castor oil to bring the swelling down, however, after my workouts particularly yoga the issue gets worse.

    • Hey Sherrice!

      Thank you for reaching out to us! Have you seen the doctor about what you are experiencing? If not, please see your doctor first and then contact us at customerservice@thekneepainguru.com. If you have seen your doctor, please email us your diagnosis and we will be happy to help you out!

      Customer Support

  12. …I just had the report from the MR doctor. I’ve read that i have a baker’s cyst from a torn meniscus, which happened during these last 3 months after the injury i have suffered. I neglected a little bit at the beggining because i didn’t want to take the anti-inflamatory tablets. I just ate lots of celery with the salad and drank ginger tea. I had no proper rest.
    The inflammation became worse with hard pain. Now i take cataflan tablets 🙁 and put some ice over the knee. I can walk without pain but i can not keep going with this medicine at all. I want a natural way to heal the baker’s cyst. Is Osmo patch reliable? is it
    truly a natural treatment? or should i look for a chiropractor to align my knee? many tks!!

    • Hi Cidnea,

      Thank you for reaching out to us and I’m sorry to hear what you are going through. To better assist you please let us know if the bakers cyst has been drained by emailing us at customerservice@thekneepainguru.com and we will be happy to help you further.

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  13. Hi, I have a baker’s cyst along with torn meniscus. I’ve been getting physical therapy for the meniscus (8 weeks so far) and I have improved, altho I am a long way from how I used to be. It seems that some of the pt exercises aggravate the cyst, so I am holding off of these particular ones for a while, to see. Do you have any thoughts about p.t. and Baker’s cyst? Thank you.

    • Hello Ellen,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.


      Kind regards,

      Mimi | Customer Service

  14. I have a large hard lump behind my knee shaped like a Lima bean..no pain no redness. It appeared the next day after getting a massage.

  15. Hello,
    I was diagnosed yesterday with Baker’s cyst. I have had pain in my legs from the knee area to thigh area every morning for the past 15 yrs. I will sit in my rocker recliner to stretch it out for about an hour and then continue onto my routine of shower and getting dressed with minimal pain. Since June of this year it has gotten worse and to the point of unbearable. It now takes about 2 or 3 hrs before I can go to work. Thankfully I have a sedentary job or I wouldn’t be able to work. The Dr suggests cortisone shots. Any suggestions?

  16. Hi,
    I have multilocular baker’s cyst in my left knee. Dr told me i don’t need surgery since it’s not not swollen or too big. But causes a lot of pain. Now I’m looking for any natural treatment. But I don’t live in us. Is there anything that I can do to decrease the pain. thank you.

  17. My daughter has a cyst at the back of her left knee… When she’s standing u could see it… After some hot compress it was gone… But after a month its back and bigger than before… Shes only 7 yrs. Old… Shes not complaining that its painful… It happened after taking shes shoes off from the school she took a bath… What should i do? Thank u very much

  18. hello

    I have a cyst on my left knee joint. It is a little bit different because it starts from the joint and reaches to the outside of the left point of femur; 2,5cm. Because of its location, it disturbs my muscles and tendons. 1 doctor saide that I need a surgery however other 3 doctors said that it’s not necessary. The cyst already fulled with water, it can be smaller in time. I want to learn that what can I do as a treatment except ice compress?

    • Hi Sevgen
      There’s lots we can do. The first would be to look at the tension pattern in the leg that’s causing the cyst to form to start with. At the same time there are some specific supplements that we begin looking at to help the body to dissolve the cyst…

      Have you taken the Knee Pain Assessment yet?


      • The MRI results are as below:

        Grade I degeneration in corpus and Grade II degeneration in the posterior horn in the medial meniscus.

        Thinning in the anterior cruciate ligament caliber and partial contour irregularities.

        A multilobular, lobular contour, paraarticular cyst sized 2,8 x 1,6 surrounding the lateral femoral condyle posterolateral cortex with internal septations.

        Fluid in the joint space, suprapatellar and deep infrapatellar bursa.

        Thinning in the patellar facet cartilages and minimal grade I chondromalacia.

    • Hi, I just wanted to share with you a simple but amazing solution to your pain – I have suffered with bakers cyst & this has helped relieve the pain by changing the impact on my knee – Strutz cushioned arch support . That helped me, maybe that will help you.

  19. Sounds like your standard yeast or batairecl infection. Not a big deal, and something he’s seen before. You’ll be given a pill to deal with them, take the pills, and wear cotton underwear, and all will be well. If it’s batairecl he may get to take a pill too, so he doesn’t give it back to you next time you have sex. The female vagina can be temperamental. It often doesn’t like various soaps, lotions, washes, and creams, especially things supposed to combat odor. It often dislikes spermicides. For some women, wearing pants that are tight and non-breathing through the crotch are enough to disturb it enoug to bring on a yeast infection. And it naturally shifts consistency and odor of discharge throughout the cycle. I would almost bet you don’t have cancer. So don’t worry about THAT. You’re not bleeding when you shouldn’t be, so that’s not likely.

  20. Hi,

    Thank you for the information you provided. I do have a question. In regard to the knee would an inverse table help the leg to correct the misalignment issue? Or maybe if you did not go completely upside down but gradually lowered the head little by little?

    • Kathleen,
      Depending on whether or not the misalignment was in the direction the inverse table is opposite of, if that makes sense? It’s a little difficult to describe based on how little I know about your situation, the tension patterns your body is holding onto and how your knees are in pain. Your best bet would be to setup a time for us to chat. Here’s a link to my online calendar: http://www.thekneepainguru.com/appt/
      Talk soon,

    • This came to mind as well…Re-aligning the knee is a very dynamic process and looking at it by just putting traction on the knee with an inversion table and is NOT taking so much more that can be going on in the knee…Bill

  21. I had a bakers cyst in the back of my knee, and a Ortho Dr gave me a injection but said most likely the cyst would reoccur. Two weeks later a cyst in the front lower left side of my knee and it aches most of the time. Walking feels like my knee is out of place, what should I do now?

    • Hi Vicky, Thanks for your question. Yes, your knee sounds like it’s stuck in a “Pain-Tension Loop” and the more you walk the worse it’s going to feel. You need to start creating “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” in your knee to reduce the aches and help your knee feel more inline with the rest of your body. My best suggestion would be for us to jump on a call and figure out a customized “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” program for your knee. Here’s a link to my online calendar to setup a time: http://www.thekneepainguru.com/appt/
      Talk soon, Bill

  22. I’ve had swelling near my ankle for 18 months due to a lymph drainage issue caused by Achilles’ tendon surgery, and now I have developed everyday pain behind my knee. Might these two things be related, somehow?

  23. Hi,

    I have a simple question regarding the bakers cyst. I believe my problem is the alignment issue and I was wondering what exercises or methods I can do to fix it.

    Thank you ,

  24. Hi,
    I twisted my left knee in a yoga posture where my leg goes behind my head. I felt no pain but hours later the pain arrived along with swelling and noticed a baker’s cyst behind the knee.

    I’ve been applying soda crystal backs to drain the fluid which works but the fluid keeps coming back. I have been taking Dr’s Best Glucosamine, MSM, chrondroiton, hyaluronic acid and I have absolutely no pain.

    My question is, how I get rid of the cyst and inflammation? It has been 2 monhts now. I’m doing gentle yoga to stretches and strengthening around the knee and avoiding any poses that aggravate it. I do feel the yoga therapy my teacher has me doing is making it feel better. But I want to reduce the fluid and cyst.

    Appreciate your time and expertise.

    • Craig,
      The solution to your knee issue lies in understanding what is going on in your nervous system and lymphatic system. Free up the “Pain-Tension Loop” going on in your knee, hips and lower back. This will allow the freedom of the lymph to move and allow your baker’s cyst and inflammation to clear up on its own. I was working with a client in July of this year and we got a Baker’s Cyst he’d been dealing with for 8 years to clear up in 3 weeks.


        • Craig
          There would be two ways to go about doing that.
          1.) Your welcome to browse this website which has the previous 8 1/2 years of my work on it. This will probably take some time yet you’ll definitely get benefit…
          2.) Is to setup a time to speak with me where I’ll ask you more questions and we figure out the best strategy to get you help with your knees. You can go here to access my online calendar and get that setup: http://www.thekneepainguru.com/appt/bm/
          The big difference is whether you’d like to spend time figuring it out on your own or you’d like my guidance and support.

  25. Here’s my left knee history:
    1981 – severed my ACL – no surgery
    1991 – replaced my severed ACL with a piece of the tendon that goes from the knee cap to shin. surgeons said 1/2 meniscus was gone
    1993… – random stuck knee
    2008 – baker’s cyst the size of 1/2 a golf ball at the back of the knee
    2014 – baker’s cyst the size of 1/2 a hand ball. drained (gelatinous). Cyst back in 24 hours
    2014 – drained again – back in 24 hours
    2014 – 3 shots for arthritis – no effect
    2015 – cyst drained again and bound (ace around knee) – back in 48 hours
    2015 – 2 shots for arthritis – no effect
    2016 – antibiotics for cyst – reduced it by a 1/3 but back once antibiotics ran out
    2017 – cyst between 1/2 a handball and 1/2 a tennis ball.
    Now – Major pain behind the kneecap when on steps or crouching./doing bikram yoga, Can’t sit on heel on that side – just won’t get there.
    Is there a fix for this???

  26. What kind of doctor will I need to see in order to get both spectrums of the problem for a bakers cyst resolved- an orthopedic doc will treat to remove or drain but the structural pattern will still not be resolved- what kind of doc will I need to look for?

  27. I went to my doctor and he said I have a bakers cyst and there is definitely fluid in my knee. He wants me to try some physical therapy. I’m not sure if I need more than physical therapy. My knee has been hurting since July from an injury playing baseball. I’m not sure if I torn something or not. I just want to know what can I do besides physical therapy ?

  28. Hi, I had a baker cyst rupture 45 days ago. I had no clue I had a baker cyst as I did not have pain in the knee before. I am 49y old and am I have been a regular runner for 20 years. The rupture was caused by anticoagulants I had to take because I had deep vain thrombosis in the other leg. During these 45 days I have been taking antiinflamatory twice/day, doing icing 3 times/day and going to phisio 3 times/week. Well, after 45 days I still have inflammation, the pain remains quite high (can not sleep if I do not take pan killer) and I am still no able to walk properly, so I have started losing the confidence,.. We did an MRI last week and we saw the cyst was created again, but the Doctor did not see any other element of concern. He keeps saying I should be fine in the next 2-3 weeks (but he also said that 3 weeks ago). Any recommendation? Thanks very much.

  29. Does Dr use anything to numb the knee before draing cyst. I’ve got knot on back of my knee & it hurts very vad.please help. Thank You

    • Debbie
      Looks like you have two questions here:
      1.) Does Dr use anything to numb the knee before draing cyst?

      – This would be a question to ask your doctor…

      2.) I’ve got knot on back of my knee & it hurts very bad please help.
      Let’s setup a time to chat and go over what you have going on with your knee and what I can do to help you out.

      Here’s a link to my online calendar::


  30. Can diet cause a bakers cyst, or inflame a small bakers cyst to become larger?
    I’ve self diagnoses that I have one behind left knee. In the past 2 years it has appeared and comes and goes. I’ve pigged out on Route 57 potato chips and vegan carob chips for the past 8 weeks.
    I weigh 135 usually. I may be around 145 or 150 right now. Either way, I have a great diet…healthy…no dairy, alcohol, cane sugar desserts, little bread. I eat beans, nuts, veggies, fruit, and supplements. Drink lots of water usually, though have days I miss glasses I should have drank.

    This one appeared 2 days ago. I am thinking of sodium and sugar. My intake is in the pig out stage. Do you know if that could be the reason it has appeared?
    Also, I’d like to understand if I either have a small one regularly that inflames at times…or….don’t have one at all until there is a reason for one to appear….like the food changes I put myself through when I binge salt and none cane sugars.

    Thanks so much for taking the time.

    Ps – no injury to this knee…left. Though, do have a floater in right knee…chipped Tibia I believe. Def not patella. Not getting operated on. Physically therapy totally maintains its good health.

    • I forgot to say…I eat only poultry and fish….no other meat. I consume no caffeine or nicotine, I stay away from deadly nightshade’s as much as possible. I drink only herbal teas, bottled water, certain healthy food store fruit, veggie, protein, probiotic drinks.
      My height is 5’5”.

  31. I started with a stiff knee for a week. Followed by a pop in my knee Went to orthopedic dr. prescribed therapy after 4 visits of therapy the leg swelled. Had a doplar check for blood clot. Negative went back to the dr. had a MRI now waiting another 5 days to see the dr. leg is painful to touch. Is there any danger in waiting so long for treatment. Dr mentioned microscopic surgery

  32. Hey Bill,

    Really appreciate this resource you’ve provided here. I had surgery for a torn meniscus 15months ago, they “repaired” it and it healed well until about 2months ago. I do yoga daily and have not had any problems till I started feeling this strange tightness in the back of my knee.

    I have no issues with range of motion (either external rotation or flexion) but I do feel it in full extension (particularly in forward folds — standing, seated, etc). At first I thought it was the knee but I have no structural issues or issues with RoM. Then I wasn’t sure if it was the calf or hamstring but it’s really around the knee. Most frequently I feel tightness in the back but sometimes it’ll goto the sides.

    Does this sound like a baker’s cyst? I wouldn’t say there’s a visible or noticeable accumulation of fluid. It’s definitely more tightness than pain. I take turmeric and MSM/glucosamine daily for joints. I’ve been both icing and taking hot baths but nothing seems to make it go away.

    I’d rather not visit my orthopedic surgeon because I feel like he’s going to order an MRI and then cut me open again. What do you think?

    Thanks again for your help!


    • Zach
      I’m sure you didn’t mean to ask me to diagnose your knee in a blog post, that’s what your doctor is for. I think your best bet would be to get a diagnosis so you know what you’re dealing with and/or head over to my website and take my “7-Day Knee Pain Reduction Challenge” to see where that puts us.
      Here’s the link: https://www.thekneepainguru.com/

  33. Hi Bill,
    I’ve had a baker’s cyst for 21 years. I became a big problem with severe pain, clicking in the knee and pieces moving around. I had multiple MRI’s done and eventually had a foreign mass removed arthroscopically from behind my kneecap that I was told was the most likely cause of the cyst. The cyst itself was not removed.
    I no longer have any form of health insurance and now the cyst is acting up again. It’s about the size of two golf balls joined on end together and it’s hardened. My knee joint is tight and when flexing at the knee there’s increased pain and mobility challenges. I noticed you mentioned that there’s a natural approach to resolving these cysts when there is an alignment issue present. In my case there is perfect alignment from what I’ve been told by doctors previously…
    Have you any thoughts on what may help resolve my cyst and/or where to go from here?
    Thank you in advance!!!!!

  34. J
    “Alignment” from an MRI perspective is NOT the same alignment that I’m referring to otherwise the fluid in your knee would be able to drain on its own and NOT form the cyst.
    We can begin by creating comfort in your knee allowing the “space” in the knee for your body to resolve it on it’s own. I’d begin with my Private Facebook Group Coaching Program. Here’s the link with more info: https://www.thekneepainguru.com/lp/qyq/
    Let me know if you have any further questions.

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