Changing the Trajectory of YOUR Knee Pain

Changing the trajectory of your knee pain is key to permanently eliminating knee pain in your life. Being present to when you first begin to notice your knee pain (present) and what happened just before (past) your knee began hurting changes the trajectory of your knee pain moving forward (future).

Knee pain doesn’t occur in a vacuum. There are literally dozens of patterns going on in the body at the same time creating the “perfect storm” of knee pain.

I’ve worked with 1000s of clients over the past 15 years and the key to getting out of knee pain is directly related to the recognition of the pattern that has created the knee pain in the first place

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

~ George Santayana1

The following video is a short clip from a recent “Knee Club” call where I go into detail on using the concept of looking at the Past, Present and Future to begin recognizing the pattern and permanently changing the trajectory of your knee pain…

Changing the Trajectory of Your Knee Pain

3 Steps to Recognizing the pattern creating your knee pain

  1. Stop what ever you’re doing.
  2. Eliminate distractions
  3. Identify what you were doing, thinking about, distracted with RIGHT BEFORE your knee began to hurt…

I know this seems like a simple insignificant exercise to perform.

Yet, this exercise provides an incredible insight into the pattern either physical, mental or emotional leading to your knee hurting.

Try this out and let me know what you discover about your pattern below in the comments section.

Looking forward to hearing your results!


Bill (the Knee Pain Guru)


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