The Top 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises

The Top 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises might just surprise you or it might not.

If the goal is to strengthen the knee joint to get the knee out of pain then we must look at the knee in context of the structures which must be strengthened to get it out of pain.

Conventional physical therapy focuses on muscular strength to rid the knee of knee pain.

To get relieve and different results if the knee has been suffering with chronic pain for an extended period of time then we must employ a different approach…

Next 3 Steps to get more help with your knee:

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What’s the exercise mentioned at number 3? I am not clear as to what you said. I heard cat phrases.


What is cat phrases?

Stephanie Walton

could you please show us and not tell us


Could you show example


I find the one movement is very restricted is raising my left leg straightened – when i am laying down.

Also if i am walking my left leg does not feel stable

Do you think its tendon or ligament damage or tear?

Customer Service

Hi Syed,

Thanks for reaching out…what have you tried to increase your stability/feel less restricted with your left leg?

As for the tendon or ligament, it is recommended to get diagnosed first by your doctor to determine if something is damaged/torn…


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