The Knee Pain Guru: What’s Your Why?

In order to get over chronic knee pain you must have a compelling enough reason to do so. Just to get out of knee pain is not enough. Your subconscious must have something to replace your knee pain with otherwise your body will just default to having knee pain again. This video challenges you to discover your “Why” because without the “Why” odds are your knee pain will return.

3 comments on “The Knee Pain Guru: What’s Your Why?

  1. My reason why: Want to play the sport i love and which God designed me to do!!! He gave me the talent and i want to honour Him. Thats my main reason!

  2. I love to move. I want to be outdoors in nature, go to Burma and take care of my wonderful family. It is good for me to have another opportunity to learn how to be positive instead of catastrophizing. To suspend disbelief and say that even though I don’t know how, I am going to get there,

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