Swollen Painful Knees, Staples & Pain AFTER Knee Surgery… #KneeClub

Knee Scar Tissue, Knee Surgery and Knee Replacements, all provide their own pain, difficulty with range of motion and challenges.

In today’s presentation, we’ll go over strategies on addressing each of these challenges and how to begin relieving the pain.

Here are the questions answered today:

Brian Brooks

I am now post 18 months after having bilateral knee replacements, still getting a lot of pain behind the patellas, which the surgeon left. Appreciate your comments.

Dairius Fairchild

Bill – The Knee Pain Guru the procedure was arthroscopy with debridement and chondroplasty to extend the life of the knee for 5-10 years before replacement because of my age I am not old enough to have it and would have to be replaced again in 20 years per the Dr.

Dairius Fairchild

Thank you for your reply this is just going on too long they told me 2-3 weeks of therapy after surgery which took two months to have that I would be back to work now they keep changing my return date

Dairius Fairchild

The procedure was a arthroscopic with debridement and chondroplasty because of missing cartilage at the end if femur at the weight bearing point of knee. This procedure was done to extend the knee life for 5 to 10 years then replace the knee. Should I just have it replaced?


Quick question man! Inside of my knee after an injury to it is swollen. It did not swell up on the inside until a month later and its just painful now.

Everything has healed (was purple) (fell through gap on a red iron bridge) and I bumped it a few time in last week and the mcl (inside of left of left knee) is swollen now. Its hard. What do you recommend without a doctor? I can squat down. Just not raise the knee up to walk on a step ladder???


The Knee Pain Guru thank you brother I’ve been watching all your videos all day right now as I’m in unquantifiable amount of pain.. can’t sleep for shit and these pills are making me skinny , they gave me backtrum last week because after the staples were removed it got infected so it was oozing clear serom with blood and small white matter all night , I was scared but I FaceTimed a Random Ortho Surgeon and He said try to elevate it lots of water and keep taking the Antibiotics , it stopped this morning so I didn’t go to the ER.. I’m going to send you pictures on your IG DM… 🤦🏽‍♂️ Thank you for visually listening to me …

Mary Denise

If I understand your video a person who has has surgeries has scar tissue in these locations. Concentrating on the area around the knee there is scar tissue on top and the sides of the knees and of course behind the knee. I went up a ladder today and on each rung I was lifting my knee out of its comfort zone.

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Phyllis shepherd

I had a knee replacement in 16. In2020 I had to have ir redon found out I was allergic to the nickel I have had 2 years of therapy I can’t go up and stairs without pain can’t sit a long for the pain I have had this knee sense 2016 I go to pain management I’m in pain all the time I’ve had all kind of ejection so what do I do .I had electronics and this other thing I use to strengthen my quid this is phyllis shepherdphyllis55@gmail. Com

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