Massage Therapy for your Knees

Everyone loves a good rub down. Not only does a massage feel good, but it also stimulates blood flow, loosens muscles, and can be very relaxing. The same goes for knee massage.

Massaging the knee allows blood and oxygen to get into the joint, which makes your knee’s job of healing itself a lot easier. Massaging the knee will also help the knee to relax and take the pressure off those nerves that are causing you pain.

You can experiment with different motions and how much pressure you apply to find a rhythm that feels best for you. If certain areas are tender, try to massage around them so you don’t cause yourself any further pain.

If your knee injury is more severe, knee massage may not be advisable. The rule of thumb is that if it hurts, don’t do it. This type of stimulation may be too intense for your knee and if this is the case, you may want to look for a more gentle treatment option.

For those who think that knee massage may be too painful, I have a great alternative. My passive stretches are the perfect way of relieving stress in the knee without the intensity of massage. Passive stretching allows the knee to find comfort where it once felt only pain. This relaxation allows the nerves in your knee to calm down, creating space so that they are not being squeezed. Click here for information about The Comfort Zone.

While both passive stretching and knee massage are effective tools for anyone having knee pain, it is up to you to decide which one is best for you. Just remember that the end goal of both activities is comfort and relaxation so that your knee and your body can work together to reduce the pain.

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Which natural oil is best for knee pains.?


I had a dislocation yesterday at the beach from the high wave of the beach. I have massaged enough, but still feeling pains.

Delores Lyon

Thanks for sharing this! I have actually been having a bit of pain in my knees after I started running again. It sounds like a massage might be the thing to help them recover. Do you happen to have any tips for finding a good massage therapist?


how do i massage my knee? is there a do and don’t. any specific method that would help heal

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi AG,

Thank you for reaching out to us! Here’s a great video on Knee Massage:

I hope this helps!

Customer Support


Thanks for this information . In Ayuruvedic practice this is the common method of treatment for the knees . The knees are massaged with lots of oils as one of teir treatment methods .prior to subjecting the knees to gentle steaming. .

This gives some relief but I suppose it depends on the severity of the problem .

Thanks for all your guidance and help .

Best wishes ,


mallikarjun patil

we can apply coconut oil or arnica oil for knee massage is it advisable

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