Ligament Tears and Treatment Options

We’ve all heard of athletes leaving the game after a dramatic fall or tackle that left them with a torn ACL. While an ACL tear is the most common ligament tear and one of the most common sports injuries, there are three other ligaments in the knee that can be torn, the MCL, PCL, and LCL.

The ACL, or the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is the ligament in your knee that essentially holds the knee together. When this tears, the pain is excruciating. I would know, because this is the ligament that I partially tore three separate times before completely tearing it in a softball game in 1998.

With this ligament, as well as the other three ligaments, knowing the severity of the tear is critical. If the tear is complete, you will need surgery to reconstruct the ligament. If the tear is partial, you can treat your injury holistically without the cost and pain of surgery.

Your body does, remarkably, have the capacity to heal a torn ligament. If you give it a good amount of time to heal, taking the weight off of it, and staying away from activities that will put pressure on the knee, slowly but surely your knee will be able to heal itself.

Be realistic here, if you are active and your life demands you remain active, the holistic approach takes time you probably don’t have. However, if you wish to avoid surgery, save the recovery time and money, healing a partial tear requires some lifestyle changes and specific stretching.

To get started, click here to read my free information report about the 5 Pillars of Knee Pain Recovery and the importance of pain-free stretches to reset your nervous system. If it makes sense to you, contact me for private coaching and I can support you through this process.

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thank you so much for all the help and thank you for all your videos and suggestions as they’ve helped my recovery quite significantly, that i no longer need a cane and was able to convince my doctor to refer me to physical therapy before getting unnecessarily cut open! the physical therapy that you’ve recommended along with the research i’ve had the time to do in these past 5 months or so, i have seen that my recovery is not only thanx to you but also faster than i could’ve ever imagined! thank you and looking forward on showing you… Read more »

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