Knee Pain With Linda

Hi Bill,

…your info is Extremely! helpful… I am 64 and my right knee has hurt for about 10 years… they say, advanced arthritus… but, although I hike and bike a lot… it hurts more when I sit in the car for awhile. I don’t take meds as they suggested.

I also have scoliosis… and a “Rolfer” says… my whole body is out.

An osteopath my doctor sent me to says my right leg is 1/2″ shorter… as I lay down or stand… however… when measured, it is not really shorter; my hip is ‘torked’ or something.

He says, unlock your knees! He says I am so flexible that my knees just sway around and I lock them when I stand.  He also says wear a brace and dont walk on rough ground!  (I live in the country!0

I have been to everyone!  Now, I am drinking way more water… I think it may be getting better!  Some days, for some strange reason, no pain at all!

Any ideas?

I KNOW I will get better! I am not going for a new knee… as are several of my friends… and which my MD suggests.

Thanks for being there! You give us HOPE!


Dear Linda

Thanks so much for your e-mail and there a couple of components here that can be happening resulting in your knee pain.

1.) If you are drinking more water and your knee pain is getting better then that is a function of your body’s PH level being too low which means it is too acidic. This acid sits in your joints and begins to irritate the nerve endings in your joints and your brain translates this as knee pain when your body is actually just dehydrated…

2.) Regarding your “loose” knees is usually a function of the tendons and ligaments being week in and around your knees. The only ways to strengthen the knee joint is to fatigue the muscles in the legs so you begin to strengthen the tendons and ligaments in your knees. You see muscles fatigue after 7 seconds and then you are only working with the tendons and ligaments. When you are strengthening your body unless you are taking this into consideration you are leaving your joints out of the equation…

I cover all of this and more in my e-Book: “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!”

I hope this was helpful

Best regards,


(The Knee Pain Guru)

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