Knee Pain Relief Strategy

Want simple solutions for chronic knee pain? Knee Pain is easy to get rid of when you understand 5 key points that cause the pain in your knees and ends up in knee replacement surgery if not addressed.

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Dear Sir,
I have a diagnostic of knee malalignment plus osteoarthritis.
This situation has deteriorated the articulation of both knees and as result I feel pain most of the time .
Thus I have been adviced to do do knee replacement.
Is there something to be done to avoid surgery ?
Thanks for your help.

Roger Martel

Bill, I have recently started your knee pain exercises and they are extremely helpful. I have a greater range of motion and I can walk down stairs without walking to the side if you know what I mean. I had not been able to do a full squat in three years but I am now able to do so. I keep well hydrated and it is helping with fatigue also. My query is this. You don’t state if you should warm -up before doing the knee exercises. I am now doing only the first 5 beginning ones . Should I… Read more »

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