Knee Pain Questions Regarding Women

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Keep drinking lots of water.  It flushes the toxins out of the body which can lead to irritation of the nerve endings giving you the sensation of Knee Pain…

Check out the following link regarding Knee Pain and exercises for women:

I replied to the article hopefully shedding more light on the topic of Knee Pain with women

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Bill Parravano

(The Knee Pain Guru)

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Maria P. de Urquiza

Dear friend: Im Interestingin in your program for knee pain but I have a big
problem, Im dont understand English very well, ¿Have you your programs, classes, books and all your ideas or how you think I need in Spanish. I really Im very interesting in your metod, I have relly pain, and also one thing more, Y can¨t take antinflamatory medicines, because my pression going up. Sorry about my English writing, please I m waiting for your answer. Thanks for´your atention: Maria P. de Urquiza.

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