Still, got Knee Pain AFTER Physical Therapy?

What do you do with knee pain after going to see your physical therapist? Do you give up? Do you settle for what you got?

Here’s a question that came in through last night through the Knee Pain Guru Facebook page on that very subject.


Hi there.  Just got done with a month and a half of physical therapy for my knee.  The Therapist helped my knee feel better but I’m still getting pain and discomfort whenever I bike or use the elliptical.  I don’t even try to run anymore because of the pain.  The xray come back normal other than the knee cap being slightly out of place.  which was worked on during therapy.  I was also diagnosed to having a fatigued popliteus and had to continually get the knot worked out of it.  I definbately feel better but not nearly as good as i had hoped.  Do you have any suggestions on what i could further do?




This is the exact place many people end up after finishing physical therapy (including me)…

Look, physical therapy is great for what they are good at…

Which is getting the legs strong again…so kudos to them for this…

However in order to get the knees and body feeling smooth, fluid and normal again.

We must look deeper into the body to the very nervous system to relieve the tension patterns the body took on to protect the knee from the initial injury.

The process is simple…

Create comfort in your knee and the nervous system will do all the “heavy lifting” for you.

In Corby’s case…

The knee cap being slightly out of place, the fatigued popliteus and a “knot” returning is all indications of tension patterns created by the nervous system tensing up to protect the knee from what ever happened causing Corby to head to the doctor.

How to proceed?

– First you’d begin by creating comfort in the knee with specific video modules to get the knee joint to relax and line back up. (Modules 1, 2 & 40 in the Quick Start Guide)

– Second, you’d work with Module #8 in the Pain-Pattern Interrupt Section to relieve the tension in the knee cap.

– Finally, you’d begin working with the exact location of the “knot” with Module #45 in the Pain-Pattern Interrupt Section to begin relieving the tension there as well.

On the next Knee Club call, we’ll chat about what you notice in doing those specific video modules and I’d ask a few more questions about other areas of your body like hips and lower back to see how to continue the process of complete relief in the knee.

Each of these video modules is designed to relax the tension and relieve pain in the specific area of the knee/body coming to your attention.

Once this tension is relaxed other areas of your body are noticed and we then shift your focus to other video modules to continue the process.

Until you are completely happy with how your knee/body feels.

Click the link to GET STARTED:

Bill Parravano

P.S. – Please leave any thoughts, questions, or comments regarding your physical therapy experience below…

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