How To Shift Your Chronic Knee Pain Paradigm

Today we take on commonly held beliefs about chronic knee pain. Beliefs are the biggest hurdle to getting over your chronic knee pain. This video addresses those beliefs that are keeping you stuck thinking eliminating knee pain is hard and takes a long time. I will be taking on those beliefs in subsequent videos…

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21 comments on “How To Shift Your Chronic Knee Pain Paradigm

  1. my knee is unstable as it has no cartledge on the inside,i have a bent bone in the lower leg due to over correction when the surgeons stapled the growth plates.They left the stples in too long so instead of being knock kneed i went bow legged.i have had a partial knee replacement in the other knee and am trying to avoid surgery again.My physio said the cartledge cannot regrow due to lack of good blood supply there.I just need to know if in my case i can avoid surgery if i follw all of the info in your manual

  2. I have managed increasing knee pain over 15 years by strengthening the joint. I’m always hopeful that I can “cure” it myself with the right effort,What interested me in your approach was the idea of side to side,something I had not tried before. and work on tendons and ligaments ,as well as muscles. I want to avoid surgery and I like your holistic approach. So far I have not “cured ” the problem only delayed the outcome. If I can maintain movement and strength and decrease pain. I will do what it takes(where possible) to manage my knees.

  3. I have been having knee pain in the middle of my pattela for about 6 years. It seems to have gotten worse over time. I was am still a very active person. I have seen a physio and done 3 weeks of rehab wich helped but as soon as i got back to impact activities like running the pain started to come back. I went back to the physio but she could not help. I have had an MRI scan on both knees and it showed slight wear and tear of the cartilage. When i rest from impact sports the pain subsides but resumes when i start again.

  4. I have had bad knee pain for many years. After having an athroscopy on both knees, leaving me with bone on bone I have been told the only thing left is a knee replacement in both knees. I have been doing the swinging exercises for three months, passive stretching, drinking enough water, increased Omega 3 intake to 6 a day, working with a Health Coach keeping my body less acidic. I have made some progress but seem to have reached a place where I can’t get my knees really comfortable.

  5. I had a knee surgery (left( more than a year ago thru arthroscopic surgery due to torn ACL. After more than 6 months of rehabilitation, exercises, threadmill, cycling, trampoline and other stuff recommended by my doctor and therapist I am still not comfortable with my knee and sometimes feel some numbness. Then, I refer to your book and have been doing some knee exercises, drinking water, breathing exercises and follow what is written in your book. although, I have made some progress , I can now walk, run forward or sideways and have some dumbbell exercises. However, I am still not comfortable with my knee and still feel some numbness and pain. I cannot or afraid to jump or rebound when playing basketball nor smash the ball when playing tennis but I do jump when exercising in the trampoline. BTW, I am 57 years old, What will I do to manage my knee?

  6. Hi had contiuos pain in left knee ..i fell over in october 2005
    had all test found only bruising treated it various ways found that ice packs was good..however get pain now more than ever i do use ice packs but releif is only temporary all sorts of pain killers which i.dont like taking . any help would be appreciatted as it now affects my walking makes my Back ache
    Thankyou Rubymay..

  7. For five years I’ve hobbled around using a cane. Some days are good, some are bad. I’ve managed to change some of my habits (more water, better diet), but the one and only specialist I have ever visited says it’s “arthrosis” and I need surgery or I’ll continue with pain and weakness (feels like I’m dragging 50 pounds around with each useless leg). I had your book but it disappeared from my computer so I never got to do stretching or most exercises. I do some leg “swinging” and it helps a little. I guess I feel I’m stuck with pain til life ends. I don’t know how to “get out of the box.” P.S. I’m 78 and live in a part of the world where I am forced to walk if I want to go anywhere. Thanks for your attention.

  8. When I first told my MD about my knee pain he told me he could give me a referral so I could get the cartilage scraped out of my knees. That sounded crazy.
    So I went to a Chiropractor, who told me that when knee pain is equally present in both knees it is a chemical (hormonal – adrenals or such) problem and not a structural problem. I have also been lead to believe that knee pain is caused by nerves that are out of alignment in the lower back.
    Years ago I was told that I shouldn’t jump around so much, that it would lead to problems in my knees later in life.
    Doctors have prescribed NSAIDS, and told me that that is the way to help knee pain to reduce the swelling.
    As the pain increased over the years I always thought I could be doing something to help my knees like stretching or something, but didn’t find anyone who could help until now. I used to believe I would never hike, play tennis, run, or take a pleasurable walk again until now. Now I have hope!

  9. I have had knee pain for about 3yrs. The last 18months more severe.
    As I have RA and Osteo. I am on Methotrextate 15mg. and 1mg prednisone. My Dr. said I needed a knee replacement, but I thought there must be something else that could be done.
    I have bone on bone, and can walk for about 15mins. stopping once to rest, and ease pain. As I have been doing the passive exercises and made sure I drink enough water, and am changing my diet, I notice my knees strengthening. This gives me hope that I will continue to improve, and so walk further. This my goal.

  10. I love this web site! Bill I have been suffering from knee pain for one year now but the last six months have been worse to the point that my quality of life is suffering and most days I do not want to get out of bed (depressed). I have been told, through Xrays, that I have level 1 osteo in one knee and level 2 in the other (Level 4 is the worse). Strangely the left knee (level 1) is the one most painful! Anyways I have been offered the standard NSAIDS, injections and eventually, knee replacement. So far, I have turned down all and have relied on numerous supplements from the usual glucosamine/ chondroiton to hyluronic acid, boswellia, MSM, turmeric, fish oils, flax seed oils etc. etc. as well as acupuncture, various rubs and braces. I am at my wits end! My life is being controlled by my knees! I have started the passive stretching and some of the other exercised you recommend. Thank God for the encouragement and information you provide!

  11. The problems with my knee started 2 years ago. It was a couple of month after an unexpected death in the family. One day a woke up with a swollen left knee. But I had not done any special training. I had MR of the knees just showing a tiny rift in the cartilage to the lateral side in the knee. It could not create the symtoms I have sad the doctor. Since then I have taken two injecions of cortison with no result.
    My knee feels unconfortable and irritating and hurts from time to time. The last 1,5 years I have done a lot of training and stretching at home and at the gym because my left leg has rapidly become weak because of this.
    Two month ago my thumbs started to hurt too. I now wonder what all of this is about and what I shall do?
    I have also tied Omega, glucosamine and chondroitinsulphate. Tests for reumatoid arthritis is negative.

  12. I had mild knee pain four years before. It gradually increased even after taking glucomycine.since the last 12 months pain has increased manifold. I can not walk for more than 3 minutes, I can not stand on my feet for more than 5 minutes. I have to sit on chair or bed after 5 minutes. Doctors say that this is osteoarthritis.I consulted three orthopedic sergens. they all recommend knee replacement. I am a heart patient and a diabetic. I had a bypass surgery of my heart in 2006. I am not willing for knee replacement. Nowadays I am having lessor therapy. But a very minor relief is there because of lessor therapy. Please guide me what should I do. Thanks.

  13. I understand what you say about the beliefs. I am a yoga instructor and my beliefs are about healing myself and helping others to heal themselves. I recently had my own issues with my knee and that is why I sought you out. I am happy to say that following your exercises and listening to what you have to say in relation to the knee has brought back more range of movement than I had before. I feel so empowered and I still have some slight issues sometimes but I just go back to what I have learned from you. I have been sharing this information with my students in my classes and they are liking it to. I am trying to get them to understand this belief pattern and how to break it.

  14. Iam 62 year old Heart byepass surgery operated some 4years back. Ihave intolerable knee pain in left joint . after seeing Xray Ortho told loss of cortilegeand asdonish how iam walking with somuch of damage and suggest knee transplant.. ihave taken Para500+accelofenac 100 combination tap for nearly 2 years I got temporary relief for time being.I stopped medicine and used to walk with the support of cycle.I used to pray namaz(sala) by sitting in floor stretching on my legs.Now iam able to walk 4km by putting one hand in cycle handle bar though i felt shocking pain in some moment.I used to it and continue my walk

  15. Stiff knees and some pain at the front of the knee ( Knee ball ) and very little strength in the knees. Many thank Michael.





  17. I have sudden sharp pain in my left knee and fluid in my right. Sometimes they are good I can run and do most thing I could do when I was younger (50 now). I am fit and exercise everyday but am limited with the pain so I need to drop back with my movements. I noticed they are worst when I have no direction in my life and am sometimes intimidated by my boss who can be very an aggressive person at times. My family on my Father’s side suffer from knee problems and I feel I’m in line for the same issues. Even though I have had a hard upbringing with the way my Father treated me I feel the issues with him and male figures as well as the loss of direction in my life may have something to do with this. I read that the knee represents the flexibility your have in your life and not having to bow down to everyone that pushes me the wrong way.
    Thanks so much,

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