Here’s the “BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT” for my knees…

I remember going through physical therapy pushing my knee as hard as I could.

The goal was to get my left leg as strong as my right leg (at least within 80% anyhow) so I could get the “green light” from Dr. Ellis so I could go back to Judo…

Without fail…3 times per week I went to PT and did all the “homework” between appointments.

Then finally the day came and Dr. Ellis told me I was done with PT!

“But wait!” I said…”My knee still swells, hurts, aches and I can’t get my heel to my butt.”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s the best we’re able to do for you. You’re knee will never be the same again.”

Here’s truly where my journey began…traveling, studying, taking classes, reading, practicing, doing research on different methods and modalities on how the body can heal itself.

I remember sitting in a class taught by my mentor and close friend Terri Lee.

I was struggling trying to get something very “stuck” in my leg to release. She’d been watching me for a while and saw how frustrated I was.

She walked up behind me and whispered in my ear, “Stop trying, less is more…”

The moment I “let go” and stopped trying was the moment whatever was stuck in my leg “let go” and suddenly felt better.

It made no sense to me at the time however the more I put less effort into what I was struggling with in my knee the faster my knee healed.

This has been both the easiest and most difficult thing I’ve ever learned in my life…

“Less is More…”

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