Will a FEW Exercises Solve My ISSUES with Range of Motion?

If you (and your knee) are knee struggling to increase Range Of Motion in the knee with daily exercise…

Then you’ll want to read this entire email to the end to discover the solution to increasing the ROM in your knee without pain…

It’s a rookie mistake…

An easy one to make (I did it too!)…

When you’re first going through rehab to achieve full range of motion in your knee…

At first, you saw improvement in your knee…

Heck, you’re just excited the knee is healed enough to be able to do something!

The leg is got stronger

The range of motion is increased

It was a struggle, a struggle you were willing to take on because you wanted to get your knee back to “normal”

But what got you this far in your journey…

Will NOT get you to the full range of motion in the knee!


2 main reasons:

#1 – The damage you’ve sustained in your knee goes much deeper than can be addressed just by strengthening the muscles in your legs.
#2 – After your knee injury and potential surgery, your body entire body has been affected right down to the fear your mind holds when you think about moving…
So exercise alone ain’t gonna cut it…

The fear your mind holds when you think about moving is the biggie…

Sometimes you’re aware of it and sometimes you’re not…

The key is learning how to change the neurology in the knee to:
– create comfort in the knee to relieve the pain- increase the comfortable range of motion in the knee to make movement easier- dissipate the fear in the mind by building trust and confidence back into the movement of the knee
This is a dynamic process we undertake individually with each and every client in “Knee Club”

It’s NOT a cookie-cutter approach…

Meaning, you don’t get exercises on day #1 that you’ll be doing on day #7…

Your body is much more dynamic than that!

It’s continually shifting and changing daily and you must be working with a program like “Knee Club” that shifts and changes with your knee accordingly.

Otherwise, you’ll be hitting a plateau in your progress like so many of our clients had in the past going to conventional physical therapy.

“Knee Club” adapts to how your body knee adapts to your own healing process as no two knees are exactly the same.


You’ll also be addressing all the tension your body took on as it compensates and protects the knee. You know the tension causing you to be exhausted even though you just woke up.

“Knee Club” has the right amount of training, support, guidance, and encouragement you’ll need to get your knee out of pain and back to a normal full range of motion…With less time, energy, and effort!

Click the link to start getting relief today in “Knee Club:”

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