Exercises to Help Relieve Baker’s Cyst Pain

Many exercises that help to relieve baker’s cyst pain. Some are more effective than others and there are some that don’t work at all! It’s important in this process to make sure we begin to relieve the baker’s cyst pain with exercise while being mindful to relieve the pain behind the knee. Today we’ll focus on a few exercises that’ll make a huge difference to relieve baker’s cyst pain.

Different Types of Lower Body Exercises:

  • Knee Exercises – these type focus on strengthening the muscles in the legs like the quads, calves, shins and hamstrings
  • Hip Exercises – target the muscles around the hips and lower back like hip flexors, glutes and psoas muscles
  • Leg Exercises – very similar to knee exercises concentrate on the muscles from the feet all the way up to the lower back

Today we’ll work specifically with hip exercises

The focus with these hip exercises is to free up tension patterns and tension patterns in your hips. The hips are pump of your entire lymphatic system. The lymphatic system clean the waste from our body which can contribute to the formation of a baker’s cyst.

When the pelvis isn’t able to move freely the body isn’t able to clean itself out properly causing “pockets” where cysts are now able to build up and form.

In the case of a baker’s cyst, we have a tension pattern in the hips and in the knee that doesn’t allow the lymphatic system to clear out the pocket of fluid behind the knee joint.

These exercises are going to help tremendously with that!

3 Exercises to Help Relieve Baker’s Cyst Pain

1.) Bent Knee Hip Circles

Start off by lying flat on your back. This could be in bed, on the floor, or at the gym. Where ever it’s most comfortable. Bring one leg up to your chest to the degree it doesn’t irritate your baker’s cyst.

Progress clockwise either working in small circles initially progressing larger. Do this for about 10 repetitions and then switch to counterclockwise.

2.) Kneeling Hip Circles

Begin on all fours, palms flat and kneeling on the floor. Use a towel, blanket or carpet if it’s painful to kneel. Stabilize your “core” by tightening your arms and one leg. Bring the other knee up to your chest to the degree it doesn’t irritate your baker’s cyst.

Start with small circles clockwise and gradually increase based on the comfort in your knee. After 10 reps reverse the circles following the same process.

3.) Hip Bridges

Lie flat on your back then bend both knees by sliding your feet towards your butt. When you reach 90 degrees with your knees, stop. You may need to adjust the angle of your knees based on what remains comfortable for your baker’s cyst.

With both feet planted firmly on the ground, push your feet into the ground while simultaneously squeezing your butt and pushing your hips toward the ceiling. Repeat this process 10 times.

1.) Bent Knee Hip Circles

2.) Kneeling Hip Circles

3.) Hip Bridges

You can repeat this 2-3 times per day as long as these exercises do not cause any increase in pain behind the baker’s cyst knee.

In Conclusion…

Remember, we are testing to understand the patterns in your body causing pain behind the knee. If any of these exercises cause pain. STOP IMMEDIATELY! Feedback is crucial when you approach the body naturally and holistically.

If you have further questions about your baker’s cyst, leave your comments below.

For other ideas to find natural relief for your Baker’s Cyst, check out: “Natural Remedies to Get Rid of a Baker’s Cyst”

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