Who wins in a fight? a Judo Black Belt or…

All of the Judo students were sitting in a row after our belt promotion test

White belts got promoted to green

Green belts got promoted to brown


Brown belts got promoted to black

We were all nervous to see if our hard work would be rewarded with a higher belt rank…

As the promotions were passed out…

You could hear the grumbling from some students about other students NOT deserving their promotion…

– They didn’t show up to class
– They weren’t very good
– They did really bad on their belt test

I remember my Sensei (Instructor), Tony quieting everyone down…

He said, “Some of you will look around and say, ‘She deserves that promotion or he doesn’t deserve that belt yet’….”

“I’ve been in Judo 45 years and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. Lots of people go through promotions. One thing I can tell you is if you look at someone and say they don’t deserve their promotion. One of two things will happen…

They’ll either get better…


They’ll quit…”

I thought about this for a while and came to the realization what Tony was saying on a deeper level…

They’ll get better (and deserve the promotion)


They’ll quit (and it won’t matter anyways)

I find the same holds true with my program…

It’s simple…

They need to focus on three things:
1.) Focus on getting the pressure off of the nerves in the knee by creating “Pain-Pattern Interrupts”
2.) Reduce inflammation both locally in the knee and globally in the body
3.) Repeating 1 & 2 on the bad days keep from putting the knee back in the “Pain-Tension Loop” on the good ones

My clients will either get better (and deserve the awesome life of their dreams)


They’ll quit…which they already know what to expect (More pain, stiffness and wearing of the knee joint)

If your strategy for eliminating knee pain is more complicated than that…

You may want to consider taking a look at my “Get Moving Again” program…

Click below to read more about the program and subscribe…

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You’re moments away from getting access, watching the videos and getting relief in your knees right now…

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”  

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