The “Toothache” a Doctor Can’t Fix…

Do you wish your knee pain would get better? Do you hope your knee pain will go away? Are you sick and tired of fighting pain 

I lump “wishing” and “hoping” the pain will go away in the same category. In both cases I never felt like either would make my pain much better.

Personally I felt like a victim whenever I began thinking that way.

Like I was at the mercy of some unknown force causing my knee to:


  • annoy the shit out of me


  • hurt like an incessant toothache that just won’t quit


  • remind me, that with every step I took, I was always going to be in pain, always going to hurt and always be searching for a solution

Thinking that way just made me feel depressed…

I’d just sit on the couch aiming the remote at the TV, flipping channels with my swollen knee propped up on a pillow underneath an ice pack. My diet was horrible and the depression just made me eat worse.

I gained weight and I felt like a slug.

You know, it felt like I was stuck between sleeping and being awake..kinda like in a zombie like dream state.

To be honest, things got pretty damn desperate.

I just wanted to do something, anything to change what my knee felt like and then I remembered something my old pal Einstein once wrote:

“You can’t solve a problem at the same level the problem was created.”


If I had known then what I know now…

… if known that creating comfort was more important than exercise…

… then I would have been throwing people in Judo years before my actual recovery date.

My job now is to personally show you the steps to becoming pain free by…

….releasing pressure using very specific healing techniques and not by throwing medication down your neck or jamming needles into your leg in an attempt “fix” the problem.

If you start with anything that causes your knee to hurt you’re not moving yourself out of pain…are you?

This is why my highly specialized knee pain course has been developed with ONLY your pain relief mind.

During the 11 online videos included in “The Comfort Zone” you are going to discover:

– A program that works for anyone who wants to improve their knee pain no matter if you just got injured or been suffering with knee pain for years

– A technique that helps those who are frustrated and fearful of their exercise program, continue being active while relieving post-workout pain.

– A way to move forward with healing and recovery even if you are 100% disillusioned with the current medical model.

Give it a try…the only thing you have to lose is your knee pain!

Click below to subscribe to “The Comfort Zone.”

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”  

Bill Parravano (The Knee Pain Guru)

Bill Parravano is “The Knee Pain Guru” and has been called, “the best in the world at eliminating knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery.”

He brings over 26 years of martial art and bodywork experience understanding movement and tensions patterns that lead to physical pain.

Bill believes the nervous system is the key to the body’s healing, and bridges the gap between what we currently know and the infinite possibilities of what we don’t know the body is capable of. Coupled with comfort, this combination creates the shortest distance between a life riddled with pain to a physical life fully mobile and self expressed.

“You can’t think your way out of pain. Pain is not rational and doesn’t care what you think. You must feel your way out of pain through comfort. Through the weeks, months and years of injury and compensation patterns built up in your body limiting your movement and making you feel older than you are.”

His unique ability of identifying the blocks that keep people stuck in pain and skillfully removing them allows for lasting change, and a new reality for his clients…

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