NFL Coaches & Players Love Me!

Yep that’s right…

NFL Coaches & Players Love Me…

Not in any weird inappropriate sense of course…

Here’s what a few of them have to say:

“Bill spent 20 minutes on my knee and it hasn’t felt this good in years.”
~- Tim Adams (46)
– Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Oakland Raiders (NFL)
– Assistant Coach with Denver Broncos (NFL)
– Head Strength & Conditioning Coach LA Kings (NHL)

“After 30 seconds, I could feel heat in my knee and a relief that I hadn’t felt for 30 years.”
~ Bo Eason (52)
– NFL Safety Houston Oilers (’84 – ’87)

“I don’t understand what is happening but my knee keeps getting better.”
~ Mike Orakpo (23)
– Linebacker at Texas State,
– 2015 Draft with Arizona Cardinals

You’ll use the same “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” that they used to get the results they got…

It doesn’t take much time, energy or effort…


You’ll have these “tools” to use where ever you’re at…

Here’s the link to get started with my “Get Moving Again” program…

===> Get Moving Again <===

You’re moments away from getting access, watching the videos and getting relief in your knees right now…

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”  

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