Milan – Austria:

“Hello Bill, It’s in the early days, but i know that your program, “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!” works. I had found that I could not squat at all, my knees were completely locked…I am squatting now, it was painful to start but I persisted…This alone has reduced some pain noticeably especially when going down the stairs, which prior to unlocking the knees as agony. For video exercise 1 I don’t have a suitable table, but by sitting on edge of a high chair clasping the hands under upper leg, it is possible to do the exercise one leg at a time. Bill the video demos are excellent and you have a great voice to reach and influence and straightening their belief in what they are doing WILL WORK FOR THEM. Regards Milan PS – Your talk on hydrating the body in “The Virtual Knee Pain Clinic,” is excellent especially for me as I am 83 years old partially sighted and find reading books difficult.”

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