Knee Replacement, Scar Tissue, & Nerve Pain

Knee replacement, scar tissue and nerve pain can all happen as a direct result of knee replacement surgery.

Decreasing the nerve pain in the knee and increasing range of motion in the knee joint to break down scar tissue can be a challenging task.

In this short live video presentation, we will cover a method of breaking down scar tissue and decreasing nerve pain in the knee by understanding how to relieve pressure off the nerves in the knee causing pain.

Here are the questions answered today:

Lynne Tylke

I have had bilateral total knee replacements on August 4 (2 months ago) and have had to have a “manipulation” to break through the scar tissue and am scheduled for a procedure that will stop the femoral nerve pain to allow me to push the knee to bend more than 90 degrees (which is where it is at now)

I am worried that i will not be able to get to 120 degrees.

do you have some thoughts about how I can achieve this? how do i change the pain to comfort?

Ed Popplewell

I have one nee replacement why does it seem walk crooked

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Very interesting! I’m 4 weeks out. Had so much back pain ( degenerative dd ) now up improving but I have a pain that is intense with changing simple moves, like flex to start to lift my knee…it shoots through the lateral aspect through central core of knee..burning, like someone drove a hot nail through the patella. I can stand up real quickly and weight bearing and don’t have it, it’s like a spasm or something…very intense. What the heck?

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