A Quick-Fix if Your Knee Hurts When Bent

If your knee hurts when you bend it…

Then you’ll want to pay close attention to this short video presentation…

Discover a Quick-Fix if your knee hurts when bent. Let’s think about this for a moment. If your knee hurts when bent, there’s a great chance your knee DOESN’T HURT when your leg is straight. What if we could use your body’s self-corrective reflexes to get the knee to let go of the pain when the knee doesn’t hurt?

Whatch the following short video presentation to learn how:

In this short video presentation, we are doing to discover how to get your knee to easily let go of the tension, pain, stiffness and increase the range of motion with just using comfort.

Leave your questions, comments, and specific knee situations in the comments section below…

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Lauren Stone

Long background history. simple approach to begin with. I have scar tissue buildup. had arthroscopy to remove all of it. i initially had a partial knee replacement. plenty of p.t. and a metal brace I wore for 2 hrs at a time twice a day to bend the knee back. tried swimming too. scar tissue returned. sounds like rice crispies when I try to break it up. I am a stem cell 5ranplant survivor with plenty of scar tissue in my body. I do aspire to have another procedure to remove the scar tissue. I just want to walk properly… Read more »

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