I wanted it…BAD!

My main love was Judo!

I just loved throwing people…

Big people, small people…

Black belts, white belts…

I just loved everything about being on the mat and training. 

Then one Saturday morning in December of 1998 that all changed.

I was out of my mind pissed at myself when I injured my knee skiing…

Like I didn’t even give a shyt about skiing…meant nothing to me…

I look back on it and I don’t even know why I went!

Back then in my mind, “I was invincible!”

The the reality of my humanity rushed in when I face planted on a “hill” in Southern Indiana of all places!

That fact that it was in the midwest and not on some amazingly beautiful mountain in the Rockies, Alps or Himalayas added insult to injury.

Yes, I did feel like quite the dumb-@ss!

No time to be concerned about embarrassment like that as I was trying to keep from passing out and puking from the pain.

The rescue crew skied me down the mountain as I was getting passed by 6 year olds skiing with their parents.

Not one of the highlights of my life…

But I’ll tell you what!

None of that shyt was ever going to stop me!

Sure it slowed me down for a while, there were a few “pauses” at times but never stopped.

I wanted my life back…BAD!

That’s what you gotta want too!

You gotta want your life back…No one else can do it for you.

You gotta want to do it for yourself, your kids, your partner, your life!

You gotta want it…BAD!

If you do then, we are having a “Knee Club” call this Thursday April 13th at 12 noon eastern time.

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(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”  

Copyrighted & Published by Healing Concepts, L.P. 

Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
“The Best in the World at Eliminating Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery.”

Healing Concepts, L.P.

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