Dehydrated Knee Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis or bone on bone, you may have heard the physician use the term “dehydrated knee.” What this means is that the knee joint has tensed up, stopping the flow of water to the joint. When there is no water in the joint, there is no more lubrication, which can lead to a fairly painful situation.

Many times when you have been diagnosed with a dehydrated joint it is because, whether you have arthritis, degenerative issues, or a bone on bone situation, a tension pattern has emerged and you may be directed to Synvisc as a short-term resolution.

A Synvisc injection is a shot of lubricant into the knee using a long, thick needle that goes all the way into the back of the knee to rehydrate the joint. This procedure can be expensive, painful, and is not always successful. At least not long term.

My approach is a bit more holistic and, in the long run, can be a lot more beneficial to your knee and your health. If you start by bringing your knee to a place of comfort, relaxing the tension in the knee joint, the nerves relax and the pain shifts.

Getting your knee in the comfort zone, creates more space in the joint for the nerves to relax and the pain to stop.

When this happens, all that is left to do is drink water. When you drink water, the first place water goes is your vital organs to provide hydration and lubrication. If you drink enough water, then there is plenty available to allocate some to your joints, which will in turn rehydrate your knee.

If you’ve been in pain a long time, or have that diagnosis of arthritis, this may seem a bit unbelievable. You think you are doomed to a life of knee pain. But really if you release the tension in the joint and release the pressure on the nerves in there, the pain goes away.

And it’s almost immediate. So you should review the 11 stretches I recommend, you can get them in the Comfort Zone Video Stretches. And drink more water. It’s good for your knees.

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  1. I regularly walk for 6 KM a day in the morning.However last one year twice I right knee cartlige gave lot of pain with swelling in my knee which was not very prominent.I went to friend doctor who takes walk with me and is knee replacement doctor.he took out the X ray and told me the issue is bone on bone or some bony developement on joint bone edges which give friction with Cartilage and was put on rest for a week with some medicines like Etova and Lubrijoint for a month and I was fine within a week for walk and kept doing and stopped medicines after month.Now after 6 months I got same pain and doctor again told me to repeaat the course of last time.Please advise permanent remedy.I am taking Naturaljoint
    Supliment from Greek lab for last two years and keeping faith that it helps knees healthy.

  2. Dear Sir

    I have is quite bad, I am limping quite a lot. I know there is no cure for this.
    can you please give me a diet that I can follow.



    • Ruby
      Although there is a common belief that there is no cure for Osteoarthritis. I do believe your body has the infinite capacity to heal itself if given the right conditions. All we need to do is remove the blocks that are in the way of our body’s ability to do so. We need to setup the conditions so your body is able to heal itself. When this happens it is absolutely amazing what your body is capable of.
      What type of diet are you currently following?

  3. I did have synvisc and it helped me for a while ,( about 6 months ) However I am still in pain after an athroscopy and most likely to have a knee replacement eventually. I guess I am overweight and this contributes to the pain in my knee . The weight gain happened mainly when I stopped going on the tread mill for various reasons . Do you think that going on the tread mill daily damages the joints ?

    Thanks for all your valuable advice.

    Best wishes,


    • Anoma
      Just to answer the question if going on the tread mill daily damages the joints? is selling yourself short…because just to answer the question…Well maybe or maybe not…
      We might be better served by asking a different question here to get the results that you are looking for. We might first start with, Do you want to have a knee replacement surgery? and follow it with, Are you committed to doing what it takes to heal your knees? Based on the answers to those questions we have a solid “foundation” to work with and get you to a place of enjoying your life without knee pain.
      Either way I’m here to support you,

  4. Hi Bill I was trying to figure out the time change from where you are is it california I am going to the states on the 25 of august on holiday I am going to connicutt I was hoping to be able to call you somehow they said that my mri is showing I have arthritis and the bones are rubbing I think that a part is the misalignment of my knee cap I drink water every day and I would like to get the stretches to see if that would work for me . I still really want to play soccer again I hope that you can help me thanks Terry

  5. I have had a meniscus scope done. Still in pain a year later. Moderate arthritis. Do not want to have a knee replacement. Would like to contact you about your program. Marilyn

  6. When doctors use the term “dehydrated knee,” I had no idea they meant that literally. If drinking water can alleviate some of the pain, why haven’t I heard that before? It seems almost too good to be true. I’m trying this suggestion immediately. Even if it doesn’t help, drinking more water can’t hurt. |

  7. Definitely agree! Most people worry too much where in fact the solution is very simple. Water not only lubricates your joints but can also provide a number of benefits to your whole body. So never neglect the importance of water to your health. Thank you for sharing by the way.

  8. Hey there “Knee Specialist”

    You inspired an email I sent out to my list…

    Here it is:
    Do your knees feel stiff? Do they ache for the first few steps?
    Are they seemingly getting worse as you get older?

    Check out this feedback from an Orthopaedic surgeon out of Australia…

    It appears that “Dr. Ben” was on my site last night trying to drive a little traffic to his.

    It’s way more plausible that “Dr Ben” is a web traffic specialist out of India named “Mike” that was hired by Dr. Ben for $2/hr to increase traffic to his knee surgeon locator website out of Australia…

    But I digress…

    Here’s what the good ole’ doctor had to say regarding the importance of water as it relates to your knee joint:

    Definitely agree! Most people worry too much where in fact the solution is very simple. Water not only lubricates your joints but can also provide a number of benefits to your whole body. So never neglect the importance of water to your health. Thank you for sharing by the way.

    I agree with “Dr Ben” to a point, although he’s not “painting the entire picture.”

    From my experience in speaking with surgeons around the subject of knee pain in general and more specifically…

    Arthritis and bone on bone…

    Drinking more water now just makes the lubrication available to your knee joint…It doesn’t me the knee joint will actually be able to absorb the water.

    Like going on vacation to the beach doesn’t guarantee you’ll get wet…

    The water needs to be able to get in the joint where the water is needed.

    Getting the knee comfortable by relaxing the tension in the joint is what’s left out of most conversations with doctors.

    This is why I created, “The Comfort Zone.”

    It’s a really short read…as a matter of fact there’s really not much to read about!

    You just need to be able to point to where your knees hurt and work with one of the 11 “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” stretching techniques to give yourself relief

    Instead of:
    – Drugs that wreck your organs and give you side effects
    – Shots that only numb the pain for a little while
    – Knee braces, creams, gels, machines, etc…

    These stretches are simple, easy and only take a few minutes to take effect…

    Now all that water Dr. Ben is saying is good for your knees can actually get inside the joint to do some good…

    “The Comfort Zone,” is an 11 online video and ebook program specifically designed to relieve the pain in your knees.

    This program will teach you how to:

    – Never get frustrated again why your knees hurt, point to the pain, use the corresponding video module, get immediate relief and be back to your normal “getting shit done.”
    – Quit spending time in waiting for you doctor to tell you what your already know, get relief before you get out of bed so your knees feel better before your feet hit the floor.
    – Eliminate the ache when you walk down stairs, use the F & B module to neutralize the knee pressure so you can master your stairs two at a time.

    Click below to sign up for “The Comfort Zone.”

    (The Knee Pain Guru)

    ~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

    Copyrighted & Published by Healing Concepts, L.P.

    Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
    “The Best in the World at Eliminating Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery.”
    Healing Concepts, L.P.

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