Confused on where to start with your knee pain?

Has lots happened to your knees? Surgery, injections, injury more surgery over months or years? Confused on where to start with your knee pain?

The same was with my knee situation…

I dislocated my left knee 4 times BEFORE I decided to see Dr. Ellis… the FIRST TIME…

My knee was a pretty jacked up…

Mentally, I was still in a place thinking my knee could heal itself.

The doctor was telling me something quite the opposite.

My friend, Lance was telling me all the horror stories from his knee surgery.

I was scared shitless as I never had a major surgery before.

All sorts of bad thoughts swirled around in between my ears. They kept me up at night and stressed me out during the day…

I didn’t know…

– What to do.
– How to do it.
– When to do it.
– Why I was doing it.

Was I pushing too much?
Not enough?

Maybe, I just needed to wait until the “next step” was completed so I wouldn’t make my situation worse.

The more I thought about the more confused I got.

When I spoke with Dr. Ellis…

He knew surgery but he didn’t know about any complimentary therapies that could possibly help me too.

As a matter of a fact, he was pretty open to other therapies but he knew nothing about them.

He couldn’t “connect the dots” and provide me with a “bigger picture” of where I wanted to be with my knee 6 months or a year down the road once the surgery and PT was over.

Dr. Ellis even told me he was ok with me doing my own research on diet, stretching, supplementation, etc but really didn’t have an opinion as there was no “research” these would actually help knees…

That just left me feeling like I had some HUGE blind spots that weren’t being addressed…


– What could I be doing now before my surgery to prepare my body.
– What could I buy and have at my house when I get home from surgery that will help with the pain and NOT destroy my organs
– What could I get ready the days and weeks after the surgery to speed my healing process?

That’s the kind of conversation I wanted to have with Dr. Ellis but that just isn’t what he was trained for nor did he have any interest in learning either.

Add that to my knee pain and it just made life pretty f*cking miserable.

I want to know all my options before moving forward with a decision.

The more I understand about my situation I’m dealing with the calmer I get.

That’s just my deal…

Which is why I offer 30 minute consultations to cut through all that confusion!

We can jump on a call and make sense of all those thoughts, options and emotions in head…

We’ll put everything on the table that you’re dealing with and sort through:

– What’s important that will make you knees feel better…
– What’s NOT important and may be making your knees feel worse…
– What needs to be put on hold for the time being so your knees can heal faster…

During our 30 minute consultation we’ll cover:

>A complete knee-pain elimination strategy that will start relieving and reducing your chronic irritation with 3 specific action steps.

>A deep dive study into the unique history of your knee pain symptoms, as well as a glance into your lifestyle and diet in order to fully understand your current condition.
>Instantly relieving your doubt, fear, and frustration with the conventional medical system, providing both a natural and complimentary solution that will work alone or alongside your existing treatment plan.

>A clear path to ensuring your life NO LONGER revolves around suffering, you can regain your momentum towards healing, and take control of your pain.

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~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

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Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
“The Best in the World at Eliminating Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery.” Healing Knee Pain
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