Ben – Minnesota, USA:

“Dear Bill, Two weeks ago I slipped and almost fell; on the following day I began experiencing knee pain, which came and went without any reason that I could predict; it would last for several minutes at a time, making it difficult at times to walk or stand. It also came when I was sitting down, and was severe enough to wake me up at night. I did not have time to go to a doctor or a physiotherapist. One night I needed paracetamol to get back to sleep. Not wishing to make pain killers a regular part of my life, I decided enough was enough, so next day I went online to find a good stretch. I came across your website – The Knee Pain Guru and signed up for your Virtual Knee Pain Clinic where you demonstrated how to stretch the joint. Your instructions were to hold the joint for a minute, but to stop earlier if it started to hurt. I held it for ten seconds, at which point it began to hurt, so I stopped. Over the next twenty-four hours the knee pain sometimes recurred, very faintly, for a few minutes, and then it stopped completely. I haven’t felt the pain in my knee since. I have already recommended your website to somebody else and if ever I have a similar pain again I shall be back!”

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