Q. How can I determine which product is best for me?
A. If you’re NOT sure or a little hesitant to begin, the best place to start is with, “The Comfort Zone.” Begin working with this program schedule a time to speak with us in about a week to 10 days so we can go over your progress to see what your next steps are.

Q. What types of products do you offer?
A. Please click this link to review the programs available for Private and Group Pain Elimination Coaching. These packages have been designed as a comprehensive approach to effectively relieving knee pain so you can get back to your normal active lifestyle.

Q. Who purchases your products?
A. We have a history of helping a variety of former knee pain sufferers learn how to effectively relieve their knee pain through a 3-Step approach: 1.) Create Comfort in the 2.) Setup the conditions for the body to heal the knee 3.) Avoid self-sabotage. Our clients include professional/Olympic level athletes have multiple surgeries all the way grandmothers looking to avoid a knee replacement surgery and everyone in-between.

Q. Do you offer customer service support?
A. Yes, we offer continual customer support to members and non-members alike. Nonmembers can go to the Contact Us tab on the website to submit a question. Members can sign in using their login information and submit questions. A representative will respond to you immediately.

Q. What if I am not happy with your product?
A. If at any time, you are not satisfied, Contact Us, 99% of the time there’s just a misunderstanding of the signals the body is communicating and a lack of support knowing how to interpret those signals.

Q. I did not receive my order, what should I do?
A. If you purchased one of our packages, then you may access it online using your login credentials.

Q. I forgot my login information, what should I do?
A. This information can be retrieved through our automated system by clicking this link