Runner’s Knee Grade 4 (Chondromalacia)

I’ve been working with Bill for 3 months now.

Back then I was in a bad way. I’d gone from running regularly, hiking long distances to not even being able to get up a set of stairs. It was debilitating.

Surgeons told me I needed an operation.

Bill disagreed and believed he could get me out of pain.

He was right.

Three months later I’ve gone from feeling broken to feeling okay. Not 100 percent but much better.

Ive used no painkillers or other pharmaceuticals.

Just persisted with Bill’s bespoke advice and guidance and followed his pain pattern interrupts with patience and persistence.

The holistic supplements he’s recommended have really helped too.

Bill covers all angles: nutritional; emotional; physical; neurological; spiritual; psychological.

I went to a physio who just told me to do some exercises, that actually made me feel worse.

Bill’s program is extraordinary. As much way of life and a movement as it is therapy and pain relief.

I’ve a way to go yet until I’m back to my old self but Bill has helped me massively to get me out of pain and confident that the future doesn’t have to be just a slippery slope of surgery after ineffective surgery.

Thanks Bill!

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