My name is Bill, The Knee Pain Guru, and I have spent the past 23 years studying knee pain.

After suffering a series of debilitating knee injuries (4 knee dislocations) I finally decided it was time for me to go to the doctor to get my knee looked at. One month later (June 1999) I had reconstructive surgery on the ligament in my left knee and 2 pieces of meniscus removed. After months of physical therapy and my legs equally strong I realized my journey to my legs feeling “normal” again had just begun!

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After 30 seconds, I could feel heat in my knee and a relief that I hadn’t felt for 30 years.

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Bo Eason
52 years old NFL Player, turned Playwright, Screenwriter, Actor, Speaker

Bill worked with me more like a friend and when I allowed him that, the program just took off for me.

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Andrew Cuthbert
31 years old, Former US Marine and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Player

Although I knew what he did at a distance, once we got into his program I was floored! […] He is fantastic and gets results!

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Marie Hanson
48 years old, Former US Navy Master Chief, Author, Speaker

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Bill, Thanks for your input and your work on this knee stuff. I was not able to pull up the Free Knee Report, so I can’t respond to it. My issue, though I haven’t gone for the MRI yet (don’t know if I will, want to heal this without all the medical procedures), is IT […]


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