Stop Pain Without Medication, Shots
Or Knee Replacement Surgery

If you’re the type of person who has tried physical therapy exercises, expensive medication or pain-killing shots… and you still see so-so results or hardly any results at all…

Are you beating your head against the wall because you think that you don’t have what it takes to get over knee pain like other people do?

Are you almost ready to give up and give in to the inevitable? A life where you worry about your knee constantly?

Where you give up most of the things you like to do and become highly selective about your activities.

(And then end up with a knee replacement?)

Then this is an option for you.

I’ve been a knee recovery coach since 2001, ever since I discovered how to heal my own excruciating knee pain after an ACL reconstruction surgery. This is the number one problem that most of my clients realize they need to overcome…

It’s the belief that you’ve already tried everything and nothing has really worked. You might be asking yourself now, “What makes my method work, when so many others have failed for you?”

Here’s the secret difference.

My method focuses on the NO PAIN zone. And teaches you how to release tension in your nerves that actually are the source of the pain.

That is the key to become one of those people who never worry about their knees ever again. Who do the activities they want, when they want.

If you want to schedule an introductory consult session with me, we can talk about your unique knee condition. And see if my knee recovery program is right for you.

I have a few openings each week for these introductory sessions. There is no cost, it’s free to you. Because how can you know if you are a good fit unless we talk?

Here’s what you do next.

Click the link to fill out the short survey. When you click submit, you will be taken to my calendar. There you can find an appointment time that fits your schedule.

Then we will meet up on Skype and have a private session, one on one, for 30 minutes. You can ask me about your knee and you will get answers… not medications or supplements.

>>>>Click here for the Free Knee Introductory Session.

Whatever is going on with your knee, you will leave our evaluation session with some important action steps that will relieve your pain. You may qualify to become one of my private knee recovery clients.

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