Meniscus tears

Now, I am a young woman in my early 30s and I used to think that I would never have knee pain in my life. However, thing didn’t go that well sometimes. In the winter of 2018, this happened. At the beginning, there was nothing that bad. I had a slight pain and discomfort on my left knee and I went to see the doctor. I was told that there was nothing serious and what I need was only some rest at home. However, the pain didn’t ago away after a couple of weeks. What I experienced was the pain spread on both of my legs, which I couldn’t bear to walk and run. So, I went to see the doctor again. This time, I was told to get the sodium hyaluronate injections for the knee pain. After one month’s treatment, worst things came up, I was not even able to bend my knees and I was in bed most of the time at home.

At some point I felt so frustrated. Because I was not able to work and I need to be taken cared by my family all the time.

Miracle came up after I met Bill. After with his consultation for a few months, I was able to bend my legs freely and walked in a small step. One year later, I can cope with my daily life easily, and get back to work.

Now, I can even do exercise in a regular basis, for example, weight training and running. This result is out of my expectation. Although I can’t say there is 100% no pain on my knees anymore, I felt more confident to cope and deal with the pain and carry on with my everyday life.

I really want to say thank you, Bill. I hope that you can help more people like me to get healthy and get their normal life back.

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