Dr. diagnoaed suggests total knee replacement. Bone on bone, torn medial meniscus, cyst.

I am determined NOT to have surgery on my knee. Bill gave me hope that I could relieve the pain that had been holding me back for almost 9 years. Bill gave me the tools that I needed to help relieve some of my pain. I only got to work with him for a month because we were renovating our home, so one step forward, two back. He created weekly plans based on our conversations. He was extremely focused and knowledgeable. I would get instant relief by applying his methods. Now that we are finished with our home I have been able to focus on the program. I have applied his principles and in just a few weeks time, my pain has reduced by 50%!! I can’t wait to work with him one on one and finally prove to my Doctor that I don’t need to have major surgery to feel better. I will keep you updated for sure. My husband and I bought an RV and are going to travel the country. I plan on hiking and biking everywhere!

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