Bone on bone both knees

I started working with
Bill in July 2017. I was looking for any possible solution before going for knee replacement surgery for both knees. Working wilh Bill has been amazing and I’ve eliminated all thoughts of having knee replacement surgery. When we first started I literally couldn’t walk into the grocery store without sitting down. Bill has given me mobility back. Yes, I still have pain but I walk without a limp about 70-80% of the time. I do home projects again, which I stopped doing 18 months ago because of pain and I made amazing strides in 5 months. My goal remains to walk pain free and lead an active life well into my 80’s-90’s. Bill listens, tries to understand your pain and offers solutions to improve your knees. Here’s my recommendation: Join the knee club, meet with Bill on a regular basis, do your homework each week and enjoy an active lifestyle.

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