Bone on bone, arthritis

I’ve been working with Bill’s program since December. I started it immediately after being told I was a candidate for knee replacement surgery- bone on bone and arthritis. I looked to see what was involved with that, and thought “there’s no freaking way they’re cutting off my leg bones and replacing it!!” It’s not just the surgery, which isn’t guaranteed, but also, the expense $40,000+, recovery time and rehab. But, most of all, pain. I’ve been suffering knee pain since I broke my patella- 10 years ago, then suffered a tibial plateau fracture 6 years later, I’m tired of pain. Since becoming a member, the pain has decreased to a feeling of discomfort, my range of motion has increased by several degrees- from 90 to probably 100 degrees and I expect it to get even better. Like Bill tells me, there’s many layers to knee pain that need to be worked through. So, I’m in it for the long haul, however long it may take.

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