Don’t Let Knee Pain Control Your Life

Don’t Let Knee Pain Control Your Life!

The Virtual Knee Clinic is your one-stop solution to pain-free knees. You’ll have access to my entire library of answers to pain relief.

“Stop Limping, Start Living”

Here is what you’re going to get inside the
Virtual Knee Clinic with your $79 monthly membership…

  • Secret Exercises

    Videos of the secret exercises that physical therapists and doctors don’t even know about… and these are the exact same exercises I used to eliminate my knee pain. And others have used to eliminate knee pain. (Read the hundreds of comments in Client Feedback).

  • Instant Gratification

    Quick 2-5 minute bite-sized videos that show you exactly how to stretch to instantly relieve the pressure in your knees. NO pain or discomfort required.

  • Alternatives to Drugs

    You’ll learn about the best supplements to take for eliminating your knee pain that your doctor and physical therapist don’t even mention to you. None of which are prescription “knee numbing” drugs!

  • Audio Interviews

    Audio interviews with knee pain experts that explain how knee pain causes major problems (severe pain) in the rest of your body, and what to do about it.

  • Health Care Professionals

    More audio interviews with alternative health care professionals, doctors, and experts on what they are specifically doing to keep their patients out of pain.

  • Nutrition

    Interviews with nutritionists who’ll explain the proper diet to eliminate pain & stress in your knee.

  • New Exercises

    New exercises never before released that will end chronic knee pain in your body.

  • Water Connection

    Experts on water tell you how much you need to drink to get rid of knee pain. (Hint: it’s not 8 glasses a day.)

  • Proper Breathing Techniques

    Specific directions on how to breathe during your exercises and stretches to get and keep yourself out of pain instantly.

  • Real People, Real Relief

    Interviews with people that have been healing the pain & stress in their knees for years. I grill them on exactly what they are doing. You’ll be surprised as to how simple it is.

  • Long Term Results

    A very clear understanding of what causes knee pain, what prevents it, and how to create long term healthy knee joints.

  • Simple Stretches

    Simple stretching exercises to do a few minutes a day that takes the tension away.

  • Library of Relief

    Access to ALL of the knowledge and experience I used to get myself and countless others out of knee pain over the past 13 years… including all of the video’s and audio’s I’ve put together for my private consultation clients. This is my entire library on knee pain!

  • Ask The Guru

    And here is the absolute best part of the library. You can post a specific question to me on a private “members only” link called, ‘Ask the Guru’. And with this format, I will create a video solution to your specific question and situation and post it in the VIRTUAL CLINIC.

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Get Your Self Esteem Back

Every month you’ll get inside information on the most successful techniques to eliminate knee pain and avoid surgery. This information is like me coming to your home and showing you in person exactly how to eliminate your knee pain. This service would normally cost $250 per hour, or more, plus my travel expenses. And because I can help many people at once, I’ve decided to make it beyond reasonable at only $79/month. That’s equal to the cost of a good massage and the benefit to you will last much longer…

Improve Your Quality Of Life

You won’t waste anymore time or money trying to figure out what to do and when to do it. And it’s hard to know how much time you will gain when you eliminate the frustration and anger of babysitting your knee pain. You’ll get your life back, free from the burden and worries of your knees. These are the same methods my private consultation clients have used to get back to walking, playing racquetball, basketball, dancing, hiking, playing with their kids, and running or jogging again with pain-free knees.

The GOAL of membership to the VIRTUAL CLINIC is to get you back to doing what you love, but have not been able to do because of your knees. Whether it’s biking, yoga, dancing, or anything else you enjoy. After participating in this program, you won’t have to think about your knees ever again because you’ll KNOW exactly what to do to eliminate any pain you feel in your knees… anytime it shows up.[/text_block]

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Feel Happy Playing & Running Like A Kid!

Access to the VIRTUAL KNEE CLINIC is like me walking you through an entire routine of physical therapy, only better, because you actually feel relief!

You’ll never have to be afraid your knee pain is going to come back, or be cautious of taking that next step when walking… because you have the tools to keep your knee, pain free for life.

Be 100% Confident In Your Knees Again

I’m so sure you’re going to love this VIRTUAL CLINIC that you’ll want to maintain your membership forever. Just getting access to my entire knee pain library including all of the videos, books, and audio interviews is valuable… Plus, the interactive opportunity to ask me any question on your mind and know you will get a video response. AND every month I’ll post more bite size videos and audios for you to watch and listen to that’ll keep you engaged in my entire resource library of strategies to eliminate your knee pain and live a pain free life. If you love it, you don’t have to do a thing, you’ll automatically be billed the membership fee of only $79 each month. If you decide you have everything you need, you can cancel anytime you want with no questions or hassles, period.[/text_block]

Monthly Virtual Clinic Access

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_style=”bold”]Regular Price: $250/month

Your Price: $79/month[/text_block]


Get Instant Access!

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