Bone on bone arthritis, history of torn ACL & PCL

Bill is onto something good. I have a long history of right knee injuries incurred during my dance career, which resulted in traumatic arthritis. A recent MRI showed bone on bone “end stage” arthritis. Nice term, eh? Of course I’ve been told I need knee surgery, like yesterday. But I’m still a mover, and I’m put off by most of the things I’ve read about life after that surgery–(don’t run, don’t dance, don’t blah blah blah).

I had been watching Bill’s videos for a while and was intrigued by the approach–completely different than any I’d encountered. His background in Judo also intrigued me, I was tired of doctors who’ve never had a serious movement practice that they loved telling me what I could & couldn’t do. So when Bill offered a special on private coaching for the month of September, I signed up.

During the course of the month, we “met” via skype. Bill gave me homework (the pain pattern interrupts). I did them diligently. (They don’t take long, all you busy peeps, but they take commitment.) On our calls, I reported in on successes and/or stumbling blocks, and Bill explained what was going on, and gave me other assignments based on our conversations. Now, after a month of working with this approach–I’m pretty amazed at the progress. I can do a whole lot more than I could when I started, without pain, and without fear! Better than that, I have confidence that, even when I do overdo it, I can recover quickly. Certain activities used to sideline me for weeks, now I’m back to “normal” in a day, sometimes in hours.

In short–I highly recommend Bill’s approach. It’s not generic and your diagnosis doesn’t matter. IF you do the homework and let it happen. I’m a lawyer so I have trouble saying something will “always” work. But it works for me.. I’m still dancing, when my MRI says “end stage” arthritis. If you’re sick of hearing “knee replacement,” “knee replacement” from every doctor you see, try Bill’s program.

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