Holistic Treatment for Baker’s Cysts

If you have a Baker’s Cyst, you may not know how or why it decided to present itself in your body. The answer is that there could be a whole host of reasons. Basically, Baker’s Cysts are the result of anything that causes joint swelling, whether that is arthritis, a torn meniscus, or an alignment […]

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How To Rid Chronic Knee Pain From Sides & Back of Knee

Sometimes knee pain is happens in the back of the knee or the sides of the knee joint. The strategy to eliminate chronic knee pain is slightly different… This video explains what is going on with your knee and solid steps to follow to resolve these issues with your knees… The following links provide some […]

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The “I Ain’t Got Time For Knee Pain” Podcast – Episode 38

Knee Pain Questions that I cover in this podcast:
1.) Gertie is dealing with a Baker’s Cyst, No Cartilidge, and Osteoarthritis…What should she do?

2.) Vivian has a question how to help her husband who is having pain in his knee cap…

3.) Bruce has a torn meniscus, loose cartilidge, and a cyst on the ligament in his knee looking at surgery. We go over his strategy for knee pain elimination…

4.) Barbara is looking at a situation with Rheumatoid Arthritis getting coritzone shots and her knee drained every 6 months…

5.) In the last question covers what to do with a spinal stemosis that is causing pain in the right knee radiating down from the lower back…

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The Mixed Martial Knee Pain Podcast – Episode 37

I was on a roll in this podcast! Tying together personal goals in life with your knee pain situation is important to understand the “How To” in approaching your knee pain…We also had questions for a couple of martial artists who are dealing with knee issues…My personal favorite! 🙂

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Episode 12 – Knee Pain Question and Answer

In Episode 12 of my teleseminar series I answer your knee pain questions.  In this episode I will be covering topics like:  Knee Pain caused by “Bow Legs”; A Baker’s cyst operation that didn’t work; How to deal with knee pain when you are getting older?; How long to recover from Knee Pain?; How do […]

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