“Not everyone qualifies to be part of these training calls, and I’m not just letting ‘anyone’ in. But if you have what it takes, I’ll show you everything I know about reducing knee pain instantly - almost every time your knees start acting up.”

Give me 20 minutes a day and I'll show you how to eliminate knee pain

Bill (The Knee Pain Guru)

Dear Knee Pain Sufferer, 

If you want the rare ability to get your knees out of pain each and every time they start acting up then this letter will show you how. 


  • Have you tried EVERYTHING to get your knees out of pain and NOTHING has worked?
  • Are you angry that you can’t even get an ANSWER from your DOCTOR or PT, “Why do my knees hurt?”
  • Do you feel like there’s got to be a better way other than prescription drugs, pain killing shots or surgery to get rid of your knee pain?
  • You know you’ve got to keep exercising but the more you do the worse your knees feel?
  • Are you always thinking about your knees and plan your day around what your knees can handle or how long you’ll suffer afterwards?
  • Are your knees making you feel older, isolated, hopeless and helpless than ever?
  • Do family and friends NOT “get” what’s going on with your knees because they can’t see anything wrong with them? 
  • You feel all alone like it’s you and your knees against the world?
  • Have you heard there nothing’s wrong with your knees, it’s all in your head, or you’re just going to have to live with it?
  • Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, and afraid your situation is never going to get any better?
  • Have you always been able to push through the pain in the past but now it seems to be getting worse as the days go by? 
  • Do you consider yourself an active person but the reality (if you're honest with yourself) as each day goes by you’re actually doing less and less find yourself sitting more and more?
  • Do you consider yourself to be an independent person that doesn’t like to rely on anyone else or more accurately you’re the person everyone else relies on?
  • Do you feel like you’re stuck in this long downhill slide trapped by your knees dealing with the pain until you’re old enough to have a knee replacement surgery?
  • Do your knees embarrass you?
  • Do you have difficulty kneeling?
  • Can you feel yourself losing mobility daily?
  • Is your future looking more and more immobile?
  • Do you think of climbing stairs with dread?
  • Are you tired of the run around by the doctors and PT’s that say your knee is “normal” and there’s nothing more they can do short of “pain management” and you’ll have to live with the pain…
  • Or maybe your doctor has told you that your knee pain is, “All in your head.”
  • You still feel STUCK in the same place with no options.

Are you tired of living as a spectator watching life pass before your eyes?

Do you hear the small quiet voice inside of you say the following?

…but what if you're already in pain before you start?

Then what?


See Partial List Below:


Percocet, Vicodin, Tylenol with Codeine


Synvisc, PRP, Rooster Comb, Hyaluronic Acid, Cortizone


Tylenol, Advil, Nuprin, Aspirin, Alleve


Neoprene, Unloader braces, Ace bandages


Leg presses, Leg curls, Leg extensions, Squats, Lunges


Ben Gay, Icy Hot, Tiger Balm  


Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Doctors/Surgeons, Acupuncturists, Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers


Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

…and you’re still left in the same place with the pain coming back as it did before (if not worse).


Maybe it does go away for a little while, but your knees are still on your mind and you’re still not sure what you’re going to do next that will “trigger” your knees making the pain comeback with a vengeance.

Do you feel like there’s something missing in this equation and you just can’t put your finger on it.


There’s GOT to be a better way…

There HAS to be a better way…

There MUST be a better way...

There has to be something you can do to make your knees feel better.


There has to be something,


Other than drugs, shots or surgery to make a difference to your knees.

Well, I’m here to tell you.



I’m going to tell you right now, why you have knee pain. 

This is of course assuming:

You’ve gone to your doctor and determined that nothing is broken or torn in your knee…


You’ve had surgery to repair what was broken or torn. 

And you still have knee pain afterwards

Here’s why your knees hurt:

Tiny little nerves, the width of an eyelash in your knee are being squeezed sending a signal to your brain that you have knee pain.

That’s it! Period! End of story!

Here’s what happens and makes your knee pain worse, day after day…

1.) Your knee feels pain and your body tenses up to protect the knee. (This is a normal and natural response to pain.)

2.) This tension reduces the space in your knee joint.

3.) The reduction of space irritates the nerves.

4.) Causing more pain.

Your body is now stuck in:

The “Pain-Tension Loop”

In essence...

The more pain you feel results in the more pain you feel. It’s an endless cycle and downward spiral at the same time!

The key to breaking the “Pain-Tension Loop” is to get the pressure off of the nerves and get relief in the knee

Eliminating knee pain breaks down into 3 crucial steps:


“Pain-Pattern Interrupts” create a tiny little bit of space around these nerves being squeezed in the knee. Creating relief from the nerves irritation and causing the knee to relax. 


Knee pain causes inflammation in the knee

There’s also global inflammation in the body as a result of the foods we eat, the water we drink, and just because of stress knee pain creates.

The key here is to reduce the inflammation both locally and globally to speed up the body’s ability to heal the knees.


There will be both good and bad days. 

On the bad days: Repeat steps 1 and 2 to shorten the duration of the bad days. 

On the good days: Be aware of self-sabotage. Don't think because the knees suddenly feel great that the knee is healed. 

The key here is to create “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” on a consistent AND regular basis which begins teaching the knee how to be comfortable every time it feels pain.

Couple this with “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” and the major blocks are removed for the knees getting out of pain.

The self-sabotage happens when one “jumps back into” activity that hasn't been done in weeks, months, or even years throwing the knee right back into the "Pain-Tension Loop." 

You must repeat these 3 crucial steps over and over again to develop the skills to get yourself out of pain and get your life back

The key here is to train your knees to heal themselves quicker and recover faster. 

These same principles apply to professional/olympic level athletes as they do for the 68 year old grandmother of 6.

Of course, the speed at which the body will heal is going to be different based on the person. 

The Underlying 3 Principles of Pain Elimination Remains the Same:

1. Physical - Create “Pain-Pattern Interrupts”

2. Diet - Reduce inflammation locally in the knee and globally in the body

3. Mindset - Stop self sabotage

A Story About Arthritis…

Here’s a question you can ask your doctor when you go get your diagnosis...


Look in your paper from the diagnosis…

“Is my knee joint dehydrated?”

One of the components of ALL arthritic knes is “dehydrated joint” which means it's “dry” or drying out…

This means reduced space for water to get in the joint or for that matter waste products created in the joint have trouble moving freely out...

Doctors will “try” to get the lubrication back in by injecting the joint with some sort of fluid:

  • Synvisc
  • PRP
  • Rooster Comb
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Cortizone
  • ETC…

Being that your body is stuck in the “Pain-Tension Loop”... it squeezes out the lubrication the injection is trying to get in the joint and heal it…

Another logical solution would be to drink more water…

Makes sense right?

Well partially…

You can drink all the water that you want, but until the “Pain-Tension Loop” starts getting addressed, the joint is too tight for any water you may drink to actually to get into the joint to begin repair.

There’s even more steps to this process of eliminating knee pain from Arthritis, but at least you’re getting pointed in the right direction...

There’s no “Secret” to this program…

It’s simple and straight-forward…

Who is this guy?!

You’re probably sitting there reading this thinking…

 “Well this sounds really good and makes complete logical sense, but who the H*LL is this guy? 

Show me some credentials?”

Those are both very fair questions…

My main love in life is…Throwing people

It’s not a like, it’s a love…

I’ve been involved in Judo since 1990 and after 4 left knee dislocations over a 5 month period (December 1998 to May 1999) 

I finally decided it was a good idea to see a doctor to find out what was going on with my knee. 

Yep, I’m stubborn as all get out and my learning curve sometimes can be pretty flat...

I remember, Dr Ellis (University of Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon) shaking his head telling me that it would be a waste of time to get an MRI

I had tore the ligament in my left knee. 

In my mind, getting the ligament repaired would “fix” my issue and I’d be back on the Judo mat throwing people again.

I was scratching my head 3 months later after completing physical therapy and still had lots of stiffness, pain, tension and swelling in my knee as well as the rest of my body especially in my hips and lower back. 

This was not the “Done” I had in mind sitting on Dr. Ellis’s examination table.

Not to mention I had to wear a huge titanium knee brace if I wanted to go back and train Judo. 

Here’s where my journey began... 

I started reading and studying everything I could on health and healing. 

I traveled and studied an Osteopathically based style of body work (Ortho-Bionomy) that functioned with the body ONLY in a position of comfort. 

At the same time I began training a Russian Martial Art (Systema) that had a huge healing component that focused on breathing, movement, and relaxation of the nervous system while strengthening the tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue in the joints.

I eventually became a certified as a practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy in both the United States and in Europe as well as an instructor of Ortho-Bionomy totalling in excess of 2,500 hours of training…

I also became a Systema instructor with well over double the number of training hours I had in body work...

Since December of 2002, I’ve worked with 1000’s of clients including:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Physical Therapists
  • Weight lifters
  • Tradesmen
  • Engineers
  • Martial artists 
  • Professional/Olympic level athletes
  • and everyone in between...

The great part about what I learned was…

I had nothing to unlearn... 

There was no physical therapy or medical school to tell me what I needed to understand about the body to determine if something would work or not...

I used myself as a “guinea pig” and if it worked on me then I suggested it to clients. 

It’s been 19 years that I’ve tested and refined my program I'm offering you today...

And the positive results continue to amaze me…

Here’s what some of my clients have had to say about the program:

  • Noticing differences with “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” which was fun to see. I'm starting to be able to imagine doing things I haven't been able to do in 15 years!

- Peter (45) Owner of a Landscape Company & Tree Service

  • What I noticed immediately after starting Bill’s program was the knee started to relax and isn’t in as much pain even after 3 straight days of dancing! I’m not aware of the pain anymore and can go about my day. The best part is the “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” don’t take very long and I can take 2 minutes to do them anytime the knee hurts.
  • I was diagnosed with bone on bone in both knees and under 1 kneecap. After using Bill’s ‘Pain-Pattern Interrupts,’ arnica and an occasional Alleve, I was able to function well during the longest race weekend of the season. That’s down from using Oxycodone for pain just a couple of weeks ago!

- Gay (59) Consultant & Artist

- Michael (43) Professional NASCAR Pit Crew

After looking at these 3 steps you have 3 choices…

1. You can figure your knee out on your own

2. You can pursue the conventional route, Or...

3. You can get my help

If you choose options #1 or #2…

I wish you the best of luck and I’ll definitely be here when you need me...

If you choose option #3

Here’s what I’ve got for you…

Now before I tell you how the program works…

Read the following to see if you’re even a fit to work with me…

Just to be honest this is NOT for everyone.

Because, I can’t help everyone

With that being said...


This program is for committed individuals who:

  • Recognize they are stuck in the “Pain-Tension Loop”
  • Action takers that are driven, hard-working, and persistent…
  • Frustrated where they’re at with their knees…
  • Would like a little direction and support on what to do and what not to do to help themselves get out of knee pain...
  • Committed to having strong healthy knee joints their entire life...
  • Open to looking at, understanding, and learning about the distinctions and nuances the pain in their body has to tell them....
  • Willing to look deeper into the messages their body is giving them and inspired to unlock the mystery of these messages…
  • Will follow my instructions and take my lead initially...
  • Ask questions based on what they’ve actually tried...


  • Anyone who hasn’t gone to their doctor to get a diagnosis
  • Anyone who’s had a knee replacement
  • Anyone who knows something is broken or torn in their knee and waiting for surgery... 
  • Anyone who knows something is broken or torn in their knee and doesn’t want surgery...
  • Anyone who can’t use a computer
  • Anyone who’s going to quit the minute they feel pain again in their knees...
  • “Drama Queens,” Complainers, “Delicate Flowers” or “Snowflakes”
  • Price Shoppers and Procrastinators
  • Overly Needy Hand Holders

Here’s my offer...

I’ve put together a program called:

Think of “Fight Club” without the fighting and you get to tell all your family and friends about me… ;-)


The first rule of “Knee Club” is…


The second rule of “Knee Club” is…


The third rule of “Knee Club” is…


“Knee Club” is a community of like minded individuals that meet with me every other week for the latest teachings on knee pain elimination and health followed up with a LIVE Q&A.

You will see how similar your knee situation is to others and how you’ll be able to apply both the teachings from the beginning of the call and the LIVE Q&A to your specific knee challenges.



To get your first “homework assignment” and start relieving your knee pain shortly after signing up.


 Submit questions to be answered and the call or even a chance to be chosen to work with me One-on-One LIVE.


Access to the several hundred videos created over the past 9 years of working with clients online.


All calls are recorded and replays are made available with in 24 hours after the call to reinforce the teachings and trainings any time you need a little support or encouragement.


The reassurance of being part of a community of individuals on the same path as you. Learning and growing from the shared challenges of knee pain.

You’ll be part of a cutting edge group of forward thinking individuals committed to living their lives not thinking about their knees and not happy settling for how their knees feel...

This is all, of course without drugs, shots or surgery...

You can attend in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world... 

You’ll get Clarity, Focus and Direction in the 3 Crucial areas (Physical, Diet & Mindset) to eliminate your knee pain...

In the process of the program you will learn to develop the skill of pain elimination in your knees...


  • After you click on the “Add to Cart” button you’ll be taken to my secure shopping cart checkout to get setup in our system.

  • Next you be asked for your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and credit card information.

  • You’ll then be prompted to setup a username and password which once entered will give you immediate access to “Knee Club.”

  • As soon as you register an e-mail will be sent to your inbox that contains the “Knee Club - Quick Start Guide.”

  • Print out the quick start guide and start following the instructions.  

This will make your first call with “Knee Club” infinitely more valuable not to mention your knees will have already started feeling better.

I take all the guesswork out of eliminating your knee pain...

The Knee Pain Guru - Double Your Money Back Guarantee

This program is the sum total of the past 2 decades of my life’s work and I believe so strongly in what I have to share with you, that I’m willing to give you my own personal Knee Pain Guru Double Your Money Back Guarantee. 

If anytime before 30 days you’re not getting the results that you want with “Knee Club” and you’re not completely satisfied with the program I’ll give you double your money back for your time and trouble.

I believe it’s only fair that you’re putting your trust in me and my program.

I want to take all the risk away of you being successful and getting rid of your knee pain.

What happens if you don’t sign up?


You already know what to expect!

Nothing will happen for you and nothing will change in your knees.

You’ll still be waking up thinking about your knees and planning your day around them.

Odds are you’ll be in the same place a week, a month, a year from now.

Not really though, because you will be older and the longer you wait the more locked in the “Pain-Tension Loop” your knees will get.

The more wear and tear you knees will experience.


The more frustrated and stuck in your head you’ll get.

Every day you wait, is one day closer of having the conversation with your doctor about being a perfect candidate for knee replacement surgery when you’re “old enough.”

Why wait to get relief from the pain in your knees?

You’re only moments away from receiving the “Knee Club Quick Start Guide” and getting immediate relief.

After reading this you realize that your suffering is now a choice.

Your choice. 

Choose well.



(The Knee Pain Guru) 

P.S. - Remember, YOUR KNEE PAIN IS YOUR CHOICE. You're moments away from getting relief for your knee with absolutely no risk with The Knee Pain Guru - Double Your Money Back Guarantee! 

I’m so confident that if you show up for the calls and follow up with the homework on you own. 


Chris Drury (40)

  • New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabers (Team Captain)
  • Stanley Cup Champion with the Colorado Avalanche
  • 2 Time Olympic Silver Medalist
  • My knee is as pain free as it’s ever been. When ever the discomfort begins to return I focus on doing the three things every day that you taught me. I actually golfed today for the first time since October and had a great day on the course!
  • Bill spent 20 minutes on my knee and it hasn’t felt this good in years.

Tim Adams (46)

  • Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Oakland Raiders (NFL) 
  • Assistant Coach with Denver Broncos (NFL) 
  • Head Strength & Conditioning Coach LA Kings (NHL)

What price would you put on being free from knee pain?

$1,000… $2000… (believe it or not, this is what most people spend on massage, pain medication, and other things that don’t work)

Knee Club is only $57/month

Terms and Conditions: I understand exclusive membership to “Knee Club” is $57 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand that I can cancel any time via the email, phone number.

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This seems too good to be true…what’s the catch?

Just to be up front with you, the catch is going to be with you. This program is based on universal principles. Get the pressure off of the nerves causing the pain while setting up the conditions so your body can heal your knees and let your body heal itself. This is simple and straight-forward. The catch happens on “the bad days” when you give up and stop doing “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” and setting up the conditions so your body can reduce inflammation and heal itself faster. Or “the catch” happens on the good days when your excited that your knees feel so much better and you go out and do something you haven’t done in weeks, months or years that’s going to throw your body right back into the “Pain-Tension Loop.”

What happens right after I order?

The entire system is automated, once you enter your credit card information you will be prompted to setup your username/password and get immediate access to "Knee Club." 

Your e-mail address will automatically go into our system to notify you of the date and time of our next conference call. This date/time will also be posted in the member’s area so you can add it to your calendar. While you’re waiting for your first call check out the “Knee Club Quick Start Guide” to help you reduce your pain and homework to be ready for our first call...

This is just like physical therapy right?

Nope. “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” are nothing like physical therapy or conventional exercise. To get all technical with you. “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” work with the intrinsic movement of your knee joint getting your knee from a "Fight or Flight" mode (Sympathetic) to a "Rest and Relax" mode (Parasympathetic). When your body is in a "Rest and Relax" mode is heals much faster primarily because your knee is NOT in pain.

Are you just going to give me exercises?

Actually no, not initially. Eliminating knee pain is like baking a cake. You need the right ingredients in the right amounts in the right order with the right timing. Get any of those wrong and you don’t have a have a mess! 

Same thing applies to your knee pain. If you’re starting out in pain your body has already created a dysfunctional tension pattern to protect itself from getting injured further. Starting out with exercises that make your knees hurt is furthering a dysfunctional tension pattern in your legs. Makes your knees hurt worse and causes your knees to wear faster. 

We will rely on the FIRST of the 3 crucial steps which is creating “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” in your knees by getting the pressure off of the nerves causing the pain in your knees.

This is not to say that I won’t ever give you exercises, that will come in time, however, you need to first develop the skill of getting your knees out of pain. The more proficient you become at this skill the more you’ll be able to exercise and strengthen your body.

How long will the pain stay away?

You do maintenance on your house, cars, yards and hopefully your relationships. Your knees are are no different. 

Initially while you’re developing the skill to create “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” and getting your knees out of pain. The pain may come back frequently, however over time your knees learn what comfort is, tolerate pain less and less which allows your knees to recover faster. 

Eventually one day you’ll have the realization that your knees just didn’t hurt, that you haven’t thought about your knees today, or you’ll do something just not thinking about your knees. And if/when the pain returns you’ll also have the skills to get your knees out of pain anytime you want.

How long before I see results?

Almost all of my clients feel some relief with in the first day or two of working with my program. As long as they are focusing on getting the pressure off of the nerves in the knee and looking for the relief or “Pain-Pattern Interrupt.” (aka Comfort)

How long will it take before I’m out of pain?

Of course, this is going to be a difficult question to answer and a lot of your results are going to depend on the time you spend daily creating “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” in your knees, setting up the conditions so your body can heal your knees, and keeping your mindset in a good place so you don’t self sabotage the process. That being said the average private coaching client is about complete with my program in 3 - 4 months...

But I am “Bone on Bone”…can your program help with that?

Limited Range of motion (ROM), Arthritis/Osteoarthritis (except Rheumatoid), Tendonitis/Tendonosis, Patella tracking/kneecap dislocation, Chrondromalycia, Patella femoral pain, Pain after surgery (all except knee replacement), Scar Tissue, IT Band Pain, Pain from screws and plates, Baker’s Cyst, Referring pain.

Yes and yes, to all of the above. As long as nothing is broken or torn in your knee or you’ve had a knee replacement surgery the source of your knee pain is the irritation of the nerves the width of an eyelash sending a signal to your brain that you have knee pain. 

Getting the pressure off of those nerves is the key first step to getting relief from the pain whatever your diagnosis is.

Will this program work for (Insert Your Diagnosis Here)?

Bone on bone Limited Range of motion (ROM), Arthritis/Osteoarthritis (except Rheumatoid), Tendonitis/Tendonosis, Patella tracking/kneecap dislocation, Chondromalycia, Patella femoral pain, Pain after surgery (all except knee replacement), Scar Tissue, IT Band Pain, Pain from screws and plates, Baker’s Cyst, Referring pain.

The short answer is yes. The diagnosis is just there to tell us that nothing is broken or torn in your knee and we are just dealing with pain. 

The source of all knee pain is irritation of the tiny little nerves the width of an eyelash being squeezed sending a signal to your brain that you have knee pain. The list of diagnoses above is required by doctors and insurance companies for liability purposes when they send you to other doctors or physical therapy so they are all talking about the same area of your knee. 

This program works with your feeling of knee pain and as we create a “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” in one area of your knee, the pain may move. 

No big deal we just create a slightly different “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” in the “new” area and keep moving along focusing on creating comfort in your knee. Your focus is now on how to create comfort and NOT focused on the pain. 

This program creates a new reality for your knees, your body and your life.  

How do you create “space” in the knee joint? I don’t understand how that works…

When your knee is in pain, it tenses up to protect itself. When you get the pressure off of the nerves causing the pain, your body relaxes which is comfortable. Every time you get the pressure off of the nerves and get your knee comfortable, this creates more space in the knee. Yes, even if you have “bone on bone.” Comfort created by relaxation is the key to creating space in the knee joint.

What if I’ve had knee pain for years?

Your knees don’t care if you’ve been in pain for 5 seconds, 5 days, 5 months or 50 years. When you get the pressure off of the nerves in the knees causing the pain. The relief is immediate and noticeable.

How much time will this take me per day/week?

The average amount of “homework” I give my private coaching clients is about 40-50 minutes per day. 10 minutes before they get out of bed and before they go to sleep and a minimum of 10 - 15 minutes 2 times/day (at a minimum) to create “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” in their knees to develop the skill how to get out of pain and more often if their knees hurt throughout the day.

Am I required to show up for every call?

No, all the calls are recorded so if you miss a call you can catch the replay in the member’s area. You are also encouraged if you’re going to miss a call to send in your questions so I’ll know to cover those topics on the call.

Will your program work in conjunction with other therapy or workout programs?

Absolutely, I would encourage it based on the fact that you’re not causing yourself more pain as a result of those other therapy or workout programs. Performing “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” right after those therapy or workout programs is not only going to enhance those programs, they will also teach your body to recover faster afterwards.

Do I need to stop other therapies or training I’m doing while I’m working with your program?

No...see the question above.

Will your program work permanently for my knees?

This program will keep your knees out of pain however very much like anything else in your life: cars, homes, marriages, lawns, friendships. In order for those things to be in good working order you have to do maintenance on them. Same thing applies to your knees. This is NOT a “be all end all…I do Bill’s ‘Pain-Pattern Interrupts’ once, my knee pain will disappear and I’ll live happily ever after” kind of program. 

This is something to fall back on when your knees hurt and empowers you with what you must do to get them out of pain, without drugs, shots or surgery.

Is your program a SCAM?

Asking a question like this means you’re skeptical and I welcome your skepticism as it’s a good thing. Especially when it comes to your knees.

First of all, I’m really great at getting people out of knee pain and having been exposed to lots of internet marketing over the past 9 years. 

I can assure you there would be much easier ways to run a business to SCAM people than to go through the hassle of dislocating my left knee 4 times, have reconstructive ligament surgery, studying nutrition, movement, anatomy/physiology, and body work for the past 19 years. Then setting up a business around knee pain online just to try and SCAM people. 

That’s a lot of work and to be honest I have no time for! 

Life’s too short for me to be looking over my shoulder because I "scammed" someone out of a few dollars and still left them with knee pain. 

How can you help me without seeing me?

Just to be straight with you. You are the only one that can feel your knee pain. Not a doctor, physical therapist, massage therapist or personal trainer...Not even me. 

Only you can tell by creating a “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” in your knee if the pain is reduced or not. The pain in your knee is yours and yours alone to feel (or not) based on the time you put in to develop the skills to get yourself out of pain. 

No eyes are required and you don’t need to meet me in person.

How do you create space in the knee joint if I have bone on bone?

Before I answer this question, allow me to ask you a question first. If you didn’t have knee pain, would you really care what your diagnosis was? 

Honestly think about that question. 


999 out of 1000 people would say NO!

The only reason you’re reading this page right now is because you have knee pain. That’s it! 

And the only reason you have knee pain is because of the tiny little nerves the width of an eyelash in your knee being squeezed sending a signal to your brain that you have knee pain throwing your body into a “Pain-Tension Loop.” 

Creating “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” on a consistent and regular basis, gets the pressure off of the nerves in the knees reducing the pain, relaxing the joint, and getting your knees more comfortable. 

When your joint is created...It’s that simple.

Will your program make my knees worse?

If you’re following the principles of the program, focusing on comfort, reducing inflammation and keeping your mindset in a good place, the worst case scenario is nothing will change in your knee. I have yet to see that happen after I ask clients questions. 

There may be times that you may become aware of underlying tension patterns in your knee your body compensated for that have always been there. 

While your body is releasing that level of tension/compensation your knee may temporarily become more painful.

Falling back on the principles of the program will move you through that level of awareness (painful place) as quickly and easily as possible.

What if something is torn in my knee? Then what?

Get it fixed and then come back and join the program.

What if I haven’t gotten a diagnosis yet?

Go get a diagnosis and find out if something is broken or torn in the knee or not.

If something is broken or torn, refer to the question above.

If NOT then join "Knee Club."

Terms and Conditions: I understand exclusive membership to “Knee Club” is $57 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand that I can cancel any time via the email, phone number.

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