The Comfort Zone & Knees For Life

What if you could eliminate your knee pain in only 30 days, without drugs, shots or surgery?

Finally, You’re About to Discover the Life-Altering Secrets to Knee Pain Recovery that Many Doctors and Specialists Don’t Want You to Know About!

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question.

What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your knee pain?

  • Playing golf or tennis?
  • Going for a run?
  • Playing with your kids?
  • Traveling?

The fact is, knee pain can cause debilitating impact on your life, and the ones around you. You’ve already gone to the doctor and they can’t seem to find anything wrong! Maybe you’ve tried exploratory surgery, or maybe you had a procedure to fix some meniscus or ligament tears—but even doctors have told you, knee pain is probably going to return—and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Have you had this pain for as long as you can remember—some injury from your younger days that has simply become who you are?

You may be skeptical at this point—after all, you’ve tried so many different treatments and therapies and NOTHING has worked.

That’s okay, you don’t have to believe me …yet.
I completely understand your doubt, because like you—I was a knee pain sufferer.

I’m Bill Parravano, The Knee Pain Guru and I’m the best in the world at eliminating knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery.

After my ACL reconstruction, I spent months trying everything the medical community recommended. I did the surgery. I tried the drugs to numb what I felt. I pushed through the painful physical therapy… and nothing worked.

This sent me on a journey around the world for 2 1/2 years searching for natural solutions for knee pain as well as the pain I had in the rest of my body as it compensated for me knee.
The knee pain did not stop at my knee. I developed pains in my hip, ankle and low back as a result of my unresolved knee pain.

My personal quest for pain freedom, turned into my professional calling.
By healing my knee from pain, I’m able to teach others how to heal their pain. My desire to have my life back gave me a priceless education.
I have refined and compressed everything I learned into an easy to follow, step by step method designed to help knee pain sufferers – regardless of their previous attempts.
My program is different than the mainstream. I don’t have a medical credential after my name, but I have the real credential. No pain. And you can have it too.

Even if you’ve had surgery, you can eliminate your knee pain FOREVER.
Learn the foundation of my knee pain elimination program today… Yes. The exact steps and specific directions that help you get your life back so that you never face another day worrying about your knees again. Seriously.


“The Knee Pain Guru’s Comfort Zone”
A Revolutionary Plan To Eliminate Knee Pain Now

This revolutionary new e-book & videos series is designed to help you get rid of the knee pain you’ve been having, without the need for expensive treatments, medications, surgeries or therapists.
In fact, you don’t even need any equipment.
That’s because unlike other programs, I’ve developed a system that focuses on making the knee comfortable where it hurts.

You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment or To Spend Lots of Time to Improve Your Knee Pain

This program works with ANYONE who wants to relieve their knee pain.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, corporate executive, senior citizen or homemaker—this program can and will help the excruciating pain you feel every single day.
But most importantly, it helps people who are busy and determined to stay that way. You know exactly who I’m talking about, because it’s probably someone just like you. You want to find a way to get rid of the pain, because you want to get on with your life. You have the drive and dedication to make it happen, because you have better things to do in your life—like living it, not watching on the sidelines.
Now let me explain, I have nothing against doctors or specialists for that matter. In fact, I needed to have extensive surgery on my knee too. If something is broken or torn—please, get it looked after, this book is not going to fix that type of pain.
But, if your knees are otherwise healthy and yet the pain is still there, then you need to get started. The truth is, chronic pain is quite common with knee injuries (I know, I’m preaching to the choir, right?) but you don’t have to go through life suffering.

You don’t have to go to bed with visions of one day having that dreaded conversation with your surgeon about being a “perfect candidate for a knee replacement” when you’re old enough. Get this guaranteed program now.

"After the 2010 European Touch Rugby Championships I was hardly able to walk. I had chronic knee pain in both knees. The pain was constant and even simple activities like walking around was painful.

The challenge was not knowing what to do and if there was something I could do I needed the support of someone who knew what I was going through. I found Bill to be very supportive and understanding as a coach. He is perceptive and I always felt he genuinely wanted to help me reach my goals.

My day to day quality of life has returned. I can walk around, travel, cycle without knee pain. I’m making strides to playing touch again. Bill’s program is holistic. I learned about water, nutrition, the bad effect wheat was having on my body. I’m generally a healthier more knowledgeable person now."

~ Riccardo Brizzi, 49 years old, Italy

Your Knee Pain is NOT Going Away on Its Own – Join the Program Now and Stop Living In Pain!

“I am doing the job I dreamed of doing and my mobility, fitness and health is the best it has been for many years. I am now a keen crossfitter and have no problems doing squats, box jumps and deadlifts. I’m also running 4 miles in 32 minutes! Sometimes 3 -4 times a week!! No pain, no swelling and recovering from training sessions quicker than I ever have before. I continue to use the tools and lifestyle habits you taught me – Thank You so much.”

~ Vinny R, Border Patrol Agent, Australia

You’ll learn,

  • Knee joint stretching exercises that make knee pain magically disappear
  • Development the sensitivity in your body to immediately know when the tension creating your knee pain has gone
  • Simple, easy to follow stretches targeted on the 11 specific, patterns in the knee that cause ALL knee pain
  • Proper methods and techniques to performing these stretches correctly without pain or discomfort.

I want it to be so easy, I created a video demonstration of each of the 11 specific stretches that I recommend in my book, “The Knee Pain Guru’s Comfort Zone”. This combination of videos and E-book will help ensure you’re performing the stretches correctly to maximize results and minimize pain.

How Much Would You Pay to Never Suffer From Knee Pain Again?

“And if anybody is really worried about paying for this, I mean, you are really talking about the rest of your life in terms of health, it is worth it to do what you can and make this program work. Do not worry about it, you will be out of the program faster that you expect, just like me. The pain is so mild now, it’s really not affecting me the way that it did before.

There are different factors in the book like nutrition, water, breathing, and stretching that relies on your body to get the pain out of your knee. And it makes sense too, I’m surprised the medical community doesn’t tell people that this is so.”

~ Janella P, Pittsburgh, PA

If you knew tomorrow morning you could wake up without any pain or discomfort, how much would you be willing to pay? $100? $1000? $10,000? Let’s face it, without any pain, you’re able to FINALLY get back to the life you want, but thought you could never have again…
Well, what if you could reduce your knee pain by 80% in only four short weeks, for only $49? That’s right, for only $49 (a little more than a dollar a day) you too can live the life you’ve always wanted—without suffering!

This Program Will Help ANY Type of Knee Pain!

The knee stretches have proven effective for patients suffering with:

  • Arthritis within the knee
  • Degenerative Changes
  • Fluid on the Knee
  • Patella Tracking Issues
  • Knee Cap Pain
  • Osteoarthritis Knees
  • Patella Tendonitis
  • Post Surgery Knee Pain
  • Pain from Severe Knee Injury
  • And Many More!

But that’s not all!

I’m willing to back this program with my unconditional, money-back guarantee. If these exercises and lifestyle changes do not eliminate or reduce your knee pain at all, I’ll give you your money back. That’s right. Just let me know and I will refund you immediately. No questions asked.

If you’re not happy. I’m not happy.

And I AM HAPPY. I eliminated my knee pain for good. And I am living the life I choose. I really want the same for you.

“I feel that general tension patterns were released and I felt that it worked beautifully as an integral part of a mind/body/spirit healing approach. The results were so tangible. It was better than the chiropractic/massage program that I used to use.”

~ Martha S

So, what are you waiting for? You could continue doing exactly what you’re doing—living in pain, continuing the dreadful life of caution—or, you could purchase this one program that could change the way you live forever. Remember you have nothing to lose, I’ll give you your money back if it doesn’t work!

Get the Knee Pain Guru’s Best Selling E-book

“The Comfort Zone”

Including His Book,

“Knees For Life” Now!

But wait, that’s not all you’re going to get.
I want to make sure you have the most successful start to fixing your knee pain forever, and that means having as many useful resources as possible. That’s why when you join me in the “The Knee Pain Guru’s Comfort Zone”, I’m going to include these fabulous bonus audio materials:

Bonus 1: The Dynamics of Knee Pain Audio Interview
(an appointment with Dr. Beck valued at $175)

Listen as I talk to Dr. Charlie Beck D.O., and you can hear of his own personal experiences with knee pain, his personal suggestions for improvement and his journey into osteopathy.

Bonus 2: The Water/Knee Pain Connection Audio Interview
(an appointment with Jeannie Anderson, valued at $154)

Water is more important that you might think; not only is it vital to keeping your body healthy, it’s also a key component in your knee pain too. Learn how water can help you improve mobility and improve your overall condition.

Bonus 3: The 5 Pillars of Knee Pain Recovery Audio
(an appointment with Bill Parravano, valued at $150)

There are 5 key components to knee pain recovery and unless you know and follow all 5 components, you’re never going to optimize your recovery and get back to living. I’ll explain all 5 components, and how you can implement them into your life today.

Bonus 4: Knees For Life: The Leading Self Treatment To End Knee Pain
by Bill Parravano, valued at $15

This is the 30,000 foot over view of the last 15 years of experimentation, research and study in the field of what causes knee pain and the steps I took to eliminate mine.

Bonus 5: One Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation with me,
Bill, The Knee Pain Guru, valued at $250

We will meet on a phone (North American Residents ONLY) or Skype call to discuss your specific knee situation and figure out the best strategy for you to completely eliminate your knee pain based on all the factors you’re dealing with right now. This is the same kind of discussion I have with my one on one coaching clients each week.

That’s right, you’re going to receive $744 of Value in FREE bonus materials and My Time, just for ordering the only program with the 100% effective methods for reducing and eliminating knee pain.
What’s more, these bonus materials are yours to keep, EVEN if you decide to return the program. Not only are you backed with a 100% guarantee, you’ll also get to keep the free bonus materials, even if you don’t want the program! That’s a $744 value, absolutely FREE.

“One of the biggest “lightbulbs” in working with Bill’s method was to find out there are things I can do to help myself and just knowing that has changed the way I think and feel about my knees.

Now my knees are much less swollen and most days I have no pain at all. Generally, I don’t feel frightened at all about my knees anymore. I had been badly frightened by therapists in the past and this had left me hesitant to try new things. I really found the concept of creating comfort in my body to help heal my knees very beneficial and was very impressed by it.”

~ Nicola S, New Zealand

What are you waiting for?

You could continue living life on the sidelines, or you could make the decision to change your life forever. Get the only e-book & online video program that can help you strengthen your knee joint and virtually eliminate the pain you’re feeling every single day.

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